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I Went From Full Time House Wife to Part-Time Entrepreneur and This Is How I Did It



I Went From Full Time House Wife to Part-Time Entrepreneur and This Is How I Did It

I Went From Full Time House Wife to Part-Time Entrepreneur and This Is How I Did It

Jewellery is a woman’s best friend! I do not think there is anyone who would contradict this statement of mine. Fashion trends keep changing, and this applies to jewellery as well. However, jewellery sales keep increasing no matter the trend.

The reason for this is women love dressing up, and jewellery forms a pivotal part of their accessories and embellishments. Stylish clothes with proper trending jewellery pieces accentuate a woman’s overall looks and personality. It not only imparts them confidence but also keeps them ahead with the latest fashion trends.

A woman’s closet has various sections and divisions that include casual-wear, westerns, Indian-wear, semi-formals, formals, Party-wear, and so on, the list is endless. The same applies to her collection of jewellery as she needs matching trending jewellery pieces with each of them.

Women’s jewellery selection has a lot of variety. Hence the scope for earning by selling these is also very high.

My Story

We need to gain respect for ourselves, and the best way to do so is by proving our worth. I was a full-time housewife for the last five years until I chose to start my own business by reselling jewellery. I thought of rediscovering myself and starting a venture to make my own identity.

I chose this domain as I am a fashion-freak and I can connect to those who are incredibly conscious about what they wear. The women’s fashion industry can never face a setback, and I had obvious reasons for choosing this product line.

Why did I start selling?

  • The idea of having a business and an identity of my own after so many years of sitting at home was overwhelming.
  • The extra income that I earned gave me tremendous self-confidence and self-respect.
  • I could take care of my family.

Why I chose Selltm?

The zeal to have my jewellery boutique was always like a dream for me. However, I got a breakthrough with Selltm, the fastest-growing reselling app in India. What attracted me to this concept of online selling was the fact that:

  • It would make me a businesswoman without having to invest a single penny.
  • There were no formalities required to start with the venture. All I did was get the app, fill in a few personal details and get started right away.
  • There are no fixed hours of work, and hence it was easy for me to shuffle between my professional and personal responsibilities.
  • I did not have to look into procuring goods, advertising them, or even delivering them to my buyers. I shared the products with a single click on my phone and placed an order on receiving a definite order from a customer.
  • I had the liberty to decide upon the commission amount that I intend to create by selling any particular product.
  • My commission pay-check was directly deposited into my bank account.

As it would be impossible to find another business that was so simple, lucrative and easy-going in today’s complicated world, I decided to go ahead with it.

What is reselling and how Selltm helped?

Reselling through the Selltm App is a method of selling goods ( jewellery) displayed on that app to our contacts on social media and making money on it as commission. It is a method by which we can buy products at wholesale rates and sell them with a margin over and above our cost price, online, through our social groups like WhatsApp, Facebook and so on.

How does it work?

To start earning with Selltm, we simply need to follow these three following steps:

Download and install the app

The first step towards establishing an association with this reselling app in India is to download and install the app on the phone. Then have a look at the updated catalogue for the domain that has been chosen.


The second step is to share the details of the catalogue with friends and others on the social networking sites like Facebook and Whatsapp. We can send the payment link along with the catalogue or share it later when a query is generated.


With every new sell for a product, a part of the earnings is extended to us as our commission. We can collect cash for the products from our clients through cash or in our account and place the order for the same on their behalf.

What should We know when selling women’s jewellery online?

Before starting to sell jewellery for women on this reselling app in India, we should be aware of its policies and these following points:

  • This app provides us with the best collection of jewellery at the most competitive wholesale prices.
  • The items listed on this app are of the best quality and finish.
  • Customers can return the product within seven days of purchase if they are not satisfied with them.
  • Customers can avail of COD (cash on delivery) facility as well.
  • The bonus and commissions earned by us are paid out into our accounts daily.

Tips For Online Selling

My first step towards my journey to reselling with this app was to plan a road map of how I would advertise and showcase my products to my prospective clients. For this, I thought of a plan and simply stuck to its execution.

I did a few things that helped me grow my business

  • I shortlisted the products from the catalogue
  • I posted them along with all the relevant product descriptions and payment links on my Whatsapp groups and Facebook page.
  • I was very transparent with my dealings and took customer feedback seriously.
  • I always stuck to my delivery date and dealt with any issue that my customer might be facing.
  • It is essential to stay grounded and keep the focus on customer relations.

Final Thoughts

With this wonderful online reselling app, I have developed new wings to fly in my world of success. My dream of becoming a businesswoman and having my earnings has come true.

It is completely possible to earn online, without having to invest any money into it. Selltm helped me to get independence and increase my standard of living to a great extent.


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