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Ways to Ensure Event Safety



Ensure Event Safety, Safety

If you’re in charge of planning a large-scale event, consider the multitude of missteps and mishaps that can occur. From a block party to a 5k fun run to a community fair, a little preparation goes a long way toward devising an occasion that will not only be fun but also safe and positive for everyone.

Direct Traffic

Whether you need to direct visitors to the site or alert oncoming traffic about closed lanes, use changeable message signs to keep everyone notified throughout the event. Avoid infractions by checking with the host city to ensure you’re in compliance with regulations regarding the size, language and placement of the signage.

Consider Hazards

Head off potential problems by uncovering and planning for them ahead of time. Conduct a risk assessment that considers factors relating to the event, the attendees and the location. The study can help you determine ways to avoid difficulties with the crowds, equipment placement, activities, weather, food and beverage vendors and random accidents, for instance.

Hire Experienced Staff

Having a dependable, qualified staff to run the event is a vital step toward ensuring the safety of your guests. Hiring professional security is a must, along with having local law enforcement on hand for larger occasions. If you’re hosting a community fair that will feature fundraising booths run by local high school clubs, for example, ensure they’re properly trained on customer service and safe food preparation to keep attendees safe.

Control Crowds

Large, unruly crowds can be a danger to visitors and vendors alike. If you’re hosting a free street fair with no idea how many people will attend, for example, prepare for the worst by setting up ropes ahead of time to direct foot traffic. Use barriers and signs to let everyone know which booth they’re waiting for and have plenty of volunteers on hand to answer questions and prevent people from jostling or cutting into lines.

Consult an Expert

If your once small event seems to be growing bigger each day, consider hiring an event planner to help. An experienced planning team can take care of everything from risk management to security to clean up after the occasion. The peace of mind may be well worth the price of hiring a professional.

Although you’re planning an event that the attendees will enjoy, take precautions that will address potential dangers that won’t be so pleasurable. Staying on top of safety concerns will ensure the experience is memorable for only the right reasons.

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