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Ways to Enhance Your Gaming Experience



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There are two types of gamers: those who play hardcore and pump up majority of their calories — and waking hours — playing games and those who just play for the fun of it.

Whichever type of gamer you are, both can agree that a good gaming system is necessary for a flawless gaming experience. After all, who doesn’t get frustrated with a lagging internet connection or discovering that the game you just bought on Steam sales is unplayable because of outdated PC hardware?

If gaming is something you enjoy and want to explore more of, learning how to make the best out of your gaming system is something you want to learn.

This article lists simple tips that can help you do just that and more. Upgrade your gaming experience and never miss out on the best gaming moments that various online games can give you. Of course, there are websites like Internet Vibes that compare the best types of online games, so you have a better idea of what is on offer before you decide to enhance your gaming equipment.

Prioritize a Fast Internet Connection

If you’re a big fan of MOBAs like League of Legends and DOTA 2, MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and EVE Online, or even cooperative shooters games like Left for Dead, having a fast and stable internet connection is crucial to a good gaming session.

There’s no chance you’ll enjoy a game that lags every five minutes. Your teammates won’t be very happy about it either. So, see to it that you have a reliable internet connection that can get you connected with game servers in a jiffy.

Opt for high-speed internet with high download and upload speeds for a breezy stream. Fiber has always been the king of gaming as well as for any other computing need that requires lighting fast connection to the web. Start with this top option if you’re planning to upgrade.

If for some reason, this is not possible at the time and you have to stick to game using a wireless connection, use a booster or see to it that you remain close to the signal. otherwise, it’s always better to keep your connection wired to your rig as reaction times are often faster using this setup.

Before you get into anything more advanced, it’s always well-advised to start with the basics. Follow this guide to optimize your networking setup.

Update Your Softwares

There’s plenty of reasons to regularly update your software but one of the most common reasons why a regular software update is necessary is to ensure that programs run smoothly in your computer. Software that is not up to date often cause lags, errors, and program interruptions such as when you’re gaming. Game cheats and hacks also require that your game is up to date like this one:

Un-updated software is also vulnerable to hackers and malicious programs that are harmful to your system. If malicious programs have entered your system, you can also pass it to friends and colleagues.

Additionally, there’s a very big chance you’ll miss out on new features that are given by developers through these updates.

So, see to it that you schedule updating software regularly. Another option is to automatically turn on your software updates so you don’t always have to keep on track.

You should use fast DNS servers to get low ping in while gaming, you can checkout our guide to find best dns server for gaming.

Invest on Accessories

Gamers spend hours sitting in their gaming station. It’s only natural that you’d want to be as comfortable as possible while you’re playing your favorite games.

Invest in a good gaming chair that offers adequate back support even when you spend the whole day streaming and concentrated on a game. If you want superior audio, a great set of speakers or headphones are always a good investment. Furthermore, if you plan on recording your streams or communicating via teamspeak, you’ll need a good gaming microphone. Quality controllers or game pads or an awesome backlit keyboard not only look great but also provide the necessary precision that can sometimes mean victory or defeat in some games.

Invest in New Hardware

A fail-proof way to make sure you make the best out of your hardware’s performance is to invest in new hardware.

Games evolve along with their system requirements. The best hardware today may be able to handle the most recently released games but it may not be true for games released in the future. For this simple reason, it’s advisable to always be on the lookout for hardware upgrades that can help you evolve along with the requirements of certain games.

This is to say, of course, that you are a hardcore gamer. If you’re only playing casually or only play games with minimum system requirements, this costly affair can be waived away. Otherwise, it would be in your best interest to keep posted with the newest technology in your system that can help you run new games without any problem.

Possible hardware tweaks that you can do to your rig includes:

  • Overclocking your graphics card
  • Updating your graphics card
  • Updating your drivers
  • Performing a tune-up
  • Upgrading your graphics card
  • Upgrading to SSD
  • Disabling Superfetch and Prefetch
  • TRIMing your disk
  • Tweaking your NVIDIA control panel
  • Tweaking your ATI Control Center
  • Turn off all power saving options for laptops

Wrapping Up

Gaming is more than just solving puzzles or passing levels; it conveys experience, improves the player’s cognitive and fine motor skills, and even fosters creativity and friendship in many different ways. Having a gaming system that complements your passion and enthusiasm for gaming is necessary for getting the whole awesome experience.

So, keep these tips in mind when you decide to consider updating your system to the next level.

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