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Want To Improve The Average Watch Time On Your Beauty Channel? Here Are The Perfect Intro And Outro Tips.



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Have you been a part of the YouTube league for a while now? It must have been very fulfilling to start a beauty channel of your own and be someone that helps out a whole generation of people with tips and tricks about beauty.

But after a while, you want to start focusing on the growth of your channel and increase your reach owing to the type of content you create. Well, you have come to the right place. Below are certain tips you can apply to your intros and outros and increase your visibility on YouTube.

Top Intro and Outro Tips To Improve Watch Time

Keep it short

An ideal intro or outro is usually under 10 seconds, and if possible, even shorter. The reason for this is that most people who are your regular subscribers will watch these clips at the start and end of each of your videos. You do not want to seem overbearing, but just add intros as a short welcome to your channel.

Improve The Average Watch Time On Your Beauty Channel

Improve The Average Watch Time On Your Beauty Channel

As it is, the average attention span of a person has decreased, and if your intros and outros take up more space in your video, it will defeat the purpose of your content.

That being said, if you choose to have only an intro and not an outro, you could probably make it longer. This should be opted for if you feel that your videos absolutely need an intro longer than 10 seconds. Otherwise, the shorter the intros and outros, the better.

Make it as interactive as you can

The one thing you have to know while creating intros is that they are one of the elements that determine if your viewers want to continue watching your content. This is especially applicable to a relatively newer audience.

The level of thought, creativity, and innovation that you can fit in a 10-second intro shows how skilled you are and how worthy you are of your viewers’ time. Include as many effects and audios that you can so that the viewer likes your videos even before they have started.

The same is true for making an equally entertaining outro since the video has to end by leaving the viewer impressed and satisfied. Ending your video on a positive note is very important. Even if your video is otherwise plain and doesn’t have a lot of engaging content, having a good intro will help you out.

Use snippets of previous videos

After you have accumulated a certain amount of videos and put them up on your channel, you will find that you have many videos and parts of videos that you can put in your intro and outro. In this way, you can form a slideshow of your previous videos using free video editor windows.

This is very easy to make, and you can include various soundtracks and texts in this type of intro or outro and make it look more attractive. It also helps you show your viewers a bit about what your channel really is. This is also a fairly good option since it doesn’t require high skilled editing but only some cutting and pasting from your previous videos.

An edit of this kind also seems very impersonal and gives the viewer a positive feeling about your channel.

Provide a CTA

A CTA, or Call To Action is essentially where the creator asks their viewers to do something on their end. This could include asking the viewer to like, share, comment, and subscribe to their videos so that they can receive notifications for any other videos that are being put up.

Having a CTA as your outro makes things more convenient since you do not have to provide an individual CTA at the end of every video since your outro will cover most of it. Make sure your outro is extremely attractive since a CTA should be conveyed smartly and subtly. You can make this using an easy outro maker online.

Besides, a CTA will not always have a creator asking viewers to like, share, and comment. It could also encourage your viewers to follow the tips and tricks that you have provided in your video. When you teach them something new, make sure you encourage them to try it at home.

Edit smart

We have already established the fact that an intro and outro has to be as short as possible. In a situation like this, what matters if your skill and precision while editing. You have to decide what goes in the intro, what looks better in the outro, etc.

You also have to determine if you want both an intro or an outro or just one of them. There are many permutations and combinations that can be applied to this, and you have to what suits your content best.

Maintain a theme

Since we are talking about a beauty channel here, make sure your intros and outros stick to a particular theme. Make them in a way that they complement your video content. For e.g., making an intro that is better suited for a gaming channel will only create unnecessary confusion.

Use more colors, include important elements of makeup like brushes, nail paints, and hair accessories to provide some context, especially to potential viewers. You have to keep these intros and outros consistent so that they look well suited with all your videos.

Do a brand slideshow.

As a creator, you might be doing a lot of collaborations and sponsorships with other brands and might also be using their products on a daily basis. If so, you can have a slideshow of the different products you use in your intros so that an audience that uses similar products can resonate with you better.

Making a slideshow is not that tough, but the main part you should focus on is not making any copyright violations while doing so.


Even after doing all this, there might be times when things won’t go your way. But you need to be patient and mindful so that you can find out where your skills actually lack and focus on that.

In the end, your content is all that will define you and help you achieve the numbers that you need. However, do not get carried away or disheartened by the rise or fall in numbers. Keep working on yourself and your skill, and keep in mind that you are in this for the long haul.


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