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How Voice Search is Shaping Business-Customer Interaction



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How Voice Search is Shaping Business-Customer Interaction

One of the biggest hurdles any business faces is marketing. How a business reaches out to its customers is vital to achieving success. Lots of marketing tools and strategies have proved their salt over the decades, but as tech evolves, so do customer trends.

The modern-day customer wants a digital, hands-free experience. That’s why voice search has steadily risen in popularity in the recent past. This shift in customer behavior has given businesses food for thought in terms of how they should undertake and implement voice search.

Why the Surge in Voice Search?

Human beings love talking. Even with the advent of social media platforms, speech remains the primary medium of connecting and exchanging information. Given the leaps and bounds in machine learning, voice-control assistants (Alexa, Google Duplex) and voice search are quickly making people rely on them for getting information.

Customers are also after convenience, and that’s precisely what voice search delivers. This isn’t to say that people have entirely abandoned the conventional text-based commands, but there is a significant shift towards voice search. Estimates say that by 2021, voice assistant users will hit nearly 123 million in the U.S; all the more reason to jump on board the voice marketing train.

What’s the State of Voice Search Today?

Here’s a bit of history for context; after the 2018 holiday season, the Echo Dot was Amazon’s best-selling product. In that same year, tech giants like Google, Alexa, and Amazon shipped a combined total of 16.8 million voice search devices in their first quarter alone. Nearly 60 percent of regular voice search users use their voice-activated speakers to manage shopping lists. All these facts point to how massive voice search has become.

For businesses, voice search has become a whole new channel for reaching customers. A lot of brands now rely on smart speakers such as Google Assistant to reach their customers via sponsored podcasts. Brands are now building tools that enable their customers to find relevant information, carry out purchases, and enjoy and interactively engaging experience.

The Benefits for Your Business

The thing about voice search is that it offers a seamless experience that’s unique to the technology. Through conversational interfaces, you can offer your customers a more engaging experience. This may be achieved through smoother online ordering and shopping, quicker customer service and support, or instant answers to product and service questions.

As a business, you will have the opportunity to leverage the ever-increasing number of smart audio devices in your favor. By actually speaking to consumers and directly engaging with them, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs and deliver better quality products and services. In turn, you get to build stronger relationships with your customers and sustained customer loyalty.

Voice Search Is Currently Dominating SEO

The objective of SEO is to rank websites based on relevance so that users have an easier time finding relevant information. As a business, you want to ensure that your site remains responsive to mobile devices. You also want to utilize the proper long-tail keywords to ensure your content remains optimized for voice searches.

Voice searches are a great way to drive traffic to your business. If you’re looking for the ideal partner to help your business achieve greater success in the domain of voice technology, consider the services of a reputable company like Pulse Labs. Through their confident data-driven solutions, your business will benefit from successful voice experiences geared towards drawing and retaining customers.


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