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Viral Marketing for Beginners



Viral Marketing for Beginners

Viral Marketing for Beginners

Everyone wants their company’s product or service to go “viral” but what exactly does that mean and how do you make that happen? When something is said to go viral, it means that a post, picture or video is seen by a huge amount of people in a short amount of time, usually by each viewer sharing it among their network of friends, allowing the views to grow exponentially.

Viral Views

One of the best ways to market your company is through the use of viral videos. There’s nothing better than hearing your company’s product being talked about by perfect strangers who saw your video all over their feed. A treasure trove of videos that have made quite the impression on their viewers is Jukin Media, a company that manages and curates some of the best viral videos out there. A video featuring your company will drive people to your company website and ultimately to their shopping carts, adding to your bottom line, but it is important to go viral with intention if you want to attract the right kind of attention.

Captivating Camera

While any company is capable of taking a video or hiring a firm to come in and create a film, few have what it takes to go viral. A video needs to connect with its human audience by ultimately allowing the company to show its humanity. Deeply emotional videos, whether they are thrilling, sad or inspirational, are sure to connect the viewer with the company, provided that the film is not overly commercial or self-aggrandizing. A video that shows a compelling story in which the product or service plays a limited but integral role will leave a good impression.

Nitty Gritty

Once your irresistible story is caught on film, you will need to spend some time in the editing room. The best videos are short and to the point without any filler. People don’t often feel like they have two minutes, let alone one, to devote to watching a video; one that is shorter than a minute is ideal since it can be viewed quickly without disturbing the pace of the day or those around the viewer. You’ll also need a title that serves as a catchy hook to entice viewers to spend their limited time watching it; consider alliteration or doing a play on words to create a title that will be easy to remember and easier to search. Finally, think carefully about the release date of the video. Just like Cyber Monday is the busiest shopping day of the year since employees return to the office and their computers, releasing your video early in the week likely gains the most eyeballs as employees often fill up their breaks and boredom with social media scrolling.

If your goal is to make your company’s video go viral, think carefully about what you want to promote and dream up an effective storyline to showcase it, without forgetting the minute details that could make or break your company’s fifteen minutes of fame.

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