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How to use WhatsApp on PC



How to use WhatsApp on PC

How to use WhatsApp on PC

The ever trending world of this generation is in a constant search for adaptable and brisk methods of uninterrupted communication. A novice user wants for a simple to use but fully updated messaging application, and there comes WhatsApp as a messenger! An officially registered mobile number and an internet connection are the only things that you need to have access to, in order to be a user of this globally renowned freeware messaging application. It provides us with all features that we desire, right from text messaging, voice messaging, video calling, voice calling, end-to-end encryption, to being a cost-free application(Just the internet charges); and all these make it more reliable. Even though a messenger app flawlessly works on a smartphone, being accessible on a PC or a laptop is much favorable. Here are some techniques that will help us to achieve this pinnacle in the world of messaging. Easy approachability is the finest pinnacle in the communication sphere.

Three easy methods to fulfill WhatsApp on a PC

  • Using the easy and affable tool provided by the app, WhatsApp web
  • Using the PC version of WhatsApp (Available for both macOS and Windows OS)
  • Using emulation software (Mac or Android) such as Nox App Player, Android, Jar of Beans or YouWave.
  1. WhatsApp Web

  • Operations on PC

  1. Visit on your browser. A web page with a QR code on its right will appear.
  2. Follow the steps mentioned on the left of the page. Those are to be carried out on your phone.
  • Operations on your Android Phone

  1. Set up your WhatsApp account on your phone. On the greeting page of the app, at the top-right corner, click on Menu (the three vertical dotted icons) or Settings (for other devices than Android).
  2. Select the WhatsApp web. A QR reader (the device camera) will open up. Point this reader to the code on the PC’s webpage. On reading, the PC will automatically login to your account on the web.

{Note: Make sure the mouse cursor is not in front of the code while reading the QR code}


  1. PC version


  1. This helps in use of the application without the intervention of any third-party emulation software. Log on to on your internet browser. On the top Menu bar, click on Download. The right section has links for downloading the app for Mac or Windows PC.

The version depends on the user’s computer configuration.

  1. Open and install the file. An independent icon appears on your desktop screen. The page serves same as WhatsApp web with a QR code.


  1. Nox App Player

How to use WhatsApp on PC, use whatsapp, WhatsApp

  1. Visit the website Click on Download Nox App Player. The page opens. Click on Download.
  2. A .exe (executable) file of about 413 MB will be saved. Run the downloaded file. Grant any permissions if needed.
  3. Click Install Now on the Nox App Player Splash screen. The files will start getting extracting.
  4. On successful extraction, click on Complete. The application gets loaded up.
  5. On the welcome page, select the required language and click on Let’s Go. Set up your personal Google account for easy operation. Agree with their terms of service.
  6. The Home page opens up. Search for WhatsApp messenger on the Search bar at the top-right. Click on the appropriate suggestion from the provided search result list. Click on Install. This will download the app onto Nox App Player. The procedure is the same as that of installing an application into your mobile phone from the Google play store.
  7. Agree with the terms. The WhatsApp page pops up.
  8. Enter your Country and the required phone number to be used.
  9. Enter the verification code sent to the number. Complete your user profile.
  10. Since you’ve logged in with your Google account, allowing it to access your contacts opens up the same page as in your phone.
  11. You can add up contacts manually too.

These steps could be used to get access to your WhatsApp account in your Personal desktop or your laptop. Enjoy all the features of this easy adaptable messaging service in your PC, with the above mentioned easy to go methods.

Happy messaging!

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