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How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Brand?



5 Great Examples of Creative Instagram Campaigns

Among all the social media networks, Instagram has got the highest engagement rate and serves a good option if you want to promote your brand all across the social media. As Facebook worked hard to attain the engagement rate of 0.2% for each follower, Instagram reached to 2.3% engagement rate for each follower, which made it one of the best platform for boosting the promotion of your brand by doing the engagement with the potential clients.

5 Great Examples of Creative Instagram Campaigns

5 Great Examples of Creative Instagram Campaigns

How to promote your brands on Instagram?

After setting an Instagram account for your brand, you may need to know about promoting your brand. You may want to know the ways of getting the highest engagement with the targeted audience who are interested in your brand and to generate the content which makes it enable to strengthen your profile.

Like in one of the article, Elna Cain mentioned regarding the running of the PPC campaign on the Instagram. This is the critical stage for the brands which desire to access the particular new set of audience. However, other than the sponsored advertisements, you also require the active promotion of your brand by generating the engagement through content and launch various Instagram campaigns for marketing that work well.

Here are some effective and efficient ways of promoting your brand using your Instagram account:

1.    Post at peak hours:

Like all other platforms of social media, you need to know about your community which gets readily engage to your content and can help you in choosing the highly effective hour to make a post. According to a report, the best hours of posting depending on the history of all your previous posts and your engagement with the audience. In this report, there were circles drawn to represent the time of making the post and the level of engagement you get from these posts. In this way, you can analyze your performance and can manage it by posting at the perfect time.

2.    Interact with followers of competitors:

Anyone who follows the account of your competitor on Instagram is the one you need to talk to. You may want to tell them that which brand offers the better product. All these users have chosen your competitor over you, and by interacting with them, you can have a chance to increase the number of your followers.

There are few tools which can be used to search for the followers of you competitors like JustUnfollow, which looks for the name of your competitor and generates a list of the people who follow them. Another way of gaining followers on Instagram fast is to buy the followers on Instagram with the help of tools like Vibbi.

3.    Include the exclusive promotions and offers on account:

Always make your followers feel updated by providing the complete detail of the exclusive services or products you offer as well as the promotions you make. Make all the stuff easily accessible for your audience. You can also include the discounts and the special sales on your Instagram account for catching the attention of the audience.

Rather than accompanying the regular form with the caption regarding the offer, you can use the overlaying text for getting the instant attraction of the customers. This is the best way of ensuring that users don’t miss your content while scrolling down.

4.    Highlight the social proof:

One of the strongest psychological technique is to use the social proof where users think that the actions of other people may exhibit the right behavior in the given circumstances. For instance, if your family or friends suggest the product, you may prefer that product over any other similar kind of product. Almost 63% of the customers say that they are more interested in buying through the platform which provides the social proof such as reviews or rating of the product.

Wrap up

These are the top ways of using the Instagram account to promote the brand on the social media to attain the larger follower base and boosted sales. Think this in a deliberate way of methods to gather the audience and show off your brand on the Instagram, leading to the focused marketing which provides the healthy revenue stream.

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