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How to Use Holiday Packaging to Reel in More Customers



How to Use Holiday Packaging to Reel in More Customers

How to Use Holiday Packaging to Reel in More Customers

How to Use Holiday Packaging to Reel in More Customers

How to Use Holiday Packaging to Reel in More Customers

It is once again the most wonderful time of the year! For some reason, the Christmas spirit gives this magical feeling of wanting to share blessings with others. A Statista study even shows that an average US consumer can spend over $906 on Christmas gifts alone.

That’s why every marketer should take advantage of this holiday vibe and make the magic happen by leveling up the shopping experience, tapping more customers, and reaching record-breaking sales.

But the question is, how can a business take this year’s holiday shopping experience to the next level? Aside from offering irresistible deals and discounts, companies should also make sure that the products offered are delightful to the eyes and capture the spirit of Christmas.

Achieve an eye-catching product through a lit overall presentation or packaging. As online shopping and low-key bragging on social media have now become a norm, retailers should also consider giving customers a memorable unboxing experience through Instagram-worthy packaging.

So how can you use a holiday-themed packaging to the company’s advantage and attract more customers? Below are some tips that you can incorporate in your holiday marketing plan.

Customize Packaging for a Gift-Wrapping Solution

A 2017 study shows that 67 percent of people are not keen on wrapping gifts for the holiday. So be the consumer’s hero, and provide a solution to this dilemma. Make your products gift-ready by designing and getting custom packaging solutions, holiday-themed packaging for the brand.

Aside from saving time and money that traditional gift wrapping will have entailed, your unique packaging is also an excellent way to let people talk about your brand.

Go for Eco-friendly Packaging

Apart from exercising the company’s corporate social responsibility, going for sustainable packaging also attracts more consumers, particularly, millennial shoppers. A 2015 Nielsen study shows that 53 percent of the respondents are willing to pay extra money if the brand uses environmentally friendly packaging.

Moreover, using nature-friendly packaging also serves as a form of free marketing. Consumers will surely rave about it and recommend the brand to their friends.

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Be Consistent with the Brand

You know that designing holiday-themed packaging is exciting; businesses can exercise creativity and marketing skills through strategic packaging. Instead of looking at this as yet another marketing strategy, make sure that the holiday-packaging design sticks to the company’s identity.

It is essential that the consumer still recognizes the brand despite the attractive seasonal packaging. Always incorporate the brand’s name and logo, or use the signature brand fonts and key colors together with some holiday icons. Every element of your brand’s design aesthetic should look like it belongs together. Each piece complementing the other so that information is balanced and easily consumed.

Think outside the Box (Literally)

Don’t just stick to the usual red, green, and metallic colors in designing your holiday-themed packaging. Put yourself in the shoes of buyers. Is it exciting to open a standard box with generic Christmas designs? More often than not, these kinds of packaging end up in the trash bin.

Try using unique graphics, or go for a minimalist and elegant design to give the brand a fresh and festive look.

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Make an Effort to Land in the Social-Media Feed

An eye-catching packaging has more chances of getting featured in a consumer’s social media feed. According to a survey from Dotcom Distribution, 39 percent of consumers said they are more likely to share photos of their purchase on social media if it has a “gift-like” packaging.

You can also encourage buyers to take photos of the product and packaging and share it on social media by creating a special hashtag. You can also launch a giveaway contest for the most Instagrammable photo featuring the Christmas packaging. This way, the company gets to maximize the money allotted for the campaign and make instant marketing material.

Match Your Packaging with the Celebration

Aside from the Christmas season, brands can also level up their packaging game during other festivals. Some of the most popular holiday to incorporate seasonal packaging include Valentine’s Day, Easter, summer, Halloween, and major events like the Olympics.

The Takeaway

Festive packaging does not only give products an attractive appearance, but it also shows how the brand values the shopping experience of consumers. It sends a strong message that the company is aware of the emotions attached to each purchase.

Don’t let the holiday season be just another time to boost sales. Take it as an opportunity for buyers to remember the brand even after the holidays are over—until the next holiday.


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