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How to Use Google Keyword Planner?



How to Use Google Keyword Planner

How to Use Google Keyword Planner

How to Use Google Keyword Planner

How to Use Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Research plays a vital role in shaping up the content for your website. Keyword research is a time taking process and one needs the patience to find the right keywords for creating an effective content strategy. There are many factors to consider before finalizing the keywords for the content. You need to learn in-depth about the competition, look at the search volume and many more to find out those brilliant long tail keywords for your content creation. Webmasters rely on Keyword Research tools to make things easier for them. Google Keyword Planner tool or Google Keyword Finder tool is one of the most popular Keyword Research tools out there though there are many 3rd Party tool which provides such data such as TheHoth Google Keyword Planner, KwFinder and more. It’s considered as one of the authentic tools as it as a product from search giant Google itself. Google Keyword tool is fundamentally developed for finding keywords for the AdWords campaign. But many webmasters and content marketers use it research keywords for their content creation. This guide helps you to know more about keyword research and how to use Google Keyword Planner in your Keyword research.

What are Keywords and Why are they important in SEO?

Keywords are the phrases and words entered by search engine users to find required information. For example: If someone wants to find what are the best restaurants in LA, he may enter “best restaurants in LA” in search engines to find the information. Here the search query “best restaurants in LA” is called as a Keyword. We use Keywords in content creation which helps in driving organic traffic to the website. Keyword Reseach is a process of finding the rights keywords which can drive targetted organic traffic to our website.

How to do Keyword Research using Google Keyword Planner tool?

You need to sign up for Google AdWords for using Google Keyword Planner tool. So, sign up for AdWords and go to the Keyword Planner Tool. Google changes the Adwords interface frequently, so if you do not find the Keyword Planner tool on your AdWords dashboard, use search to find it. Generally, you find this is Tools section which appears when you click Gear icon.

Though Google Keyword Planner tool is designed for driving traffic using Paid Search, it can be used as a great tool for doing an effective Keyword Research.

On Google Keyword Planner tool, enter one or more keywords in the box as shown in the picture below. Under targeting, you can select the place you are targetting. In this case, we have chosen the United States of America. So, this shows up the traffic for our keyword “Blueberry recipes” in the USA. Click on Get Ideas.

Google Keyword Planner, How to Use Google Keyword Planner, Use Google Keyword Planner

Now, you’ll see the number of related keywords with average monthly searches, competition and bid amounts.

Google Keyword Planner, How to Use Google Keyword Planner, Use Google Keyword Planner

Under the Keyword Options, you find an option to get ideas for only the related keywords. You need to know the difference between Broad Matches and Exact Matches for doing an effective keyword research. It’s all about long tail keywords now and one needs to know the number of monthly searches for that exact keyword so that he can stress his content more on that exact keyword. Let’s see the difference between Broad Match and Exact Match

Broad Match: It shows up the search volume for all the related keywords. For example, if you are searching for “baseball bats”, it will also retrieve the search volume for “baseball bats at Walmart”, “baseball bats for 5 year olds”, “baseball bats clearance sale” etc. This kind of broad match search is useful to know more about the niche of our website. Like if there is enough search volume for it, and what are the bid values etc.

Exact Match: Exact match shows up the data for only that particular keyword. For example. if we search for “blueberry muffin recipe”, it just shows up the search volume for “blueberry muffin recipe”. This search is useful to research keywords for a particular topic or a micro niche site.

It’s always better to select the Exact Match to know the exact search volume for our keyword.

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Under Keywords to Include section, you can place the keyword to retrieve the results which include that particular keyword.

Google Keyword Planner, How to Use Google Keyword Planner, Use Google Keyword Planner

So, we hope you have got a decent idea on how to use Google Keyword Planner Tool or Google Keyword Finder Tool to do a proper keyword research for your website. Though Keyword Research is a time taking process, it’s all worth it. Keyword Research plays a vital role in creating the effective content marketing strategy. It helps to drive the traffic without spending a lot. Marketers with tight budgets always focus on their Search Engine Optimization strategies to drive more organic traffic to their websites. Google Keyword Planner Tool is the most authoritative tool for doing Keyword Research. Its interface is little complicated for the beginners. You may feel comfortable with it after using it for a couple of weeks.

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