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Track Lost Keys with a Key Finder Device



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Track Lost Keys with a Key Finder Device

Tracking down keys and other belongings is no longer a worry because, in a matter of seconds, a specialized device can send off signals that can help find lost items. A key finder is an indispensable electronic device that can locate things where you left them. The unit responds via RF (radio frequency) transmitter or Bluetooth.

Owning a key finder is a cool way to keep track of things. Even if you’re out of range, there is a location history where you last saw your valuables. Key finders are helpful tools for busy people, persons with special needs, and those suffering from memory lapses. You’d even find people who are simply absentminded buying these high-tech gadgets because of its convenience.

Key finders have significantly evolved with some innovative companies enlisting the use of Bluetooth to help people find their valuables in a breeze. Connect to any smartphone (iPhone or Android) app, and you can go places. The ringer of this device, when activated, can send a loud signal, either by a beep or tune to locate the things that you’re searching for. Today, the size of a key finder is a lot smaller than before and less bulky too.

Various Uses

  • You can attach the key finder to your suitcase when you travel abroad.
  • Stick it under the bike seat, your car, or motorcycle.
  • Hang it on a pet’s collar.
  • Find the remote control.
  • Locate cellphones.
  • Retrieve your wallet or bag anywhere within the specified distance.
  • And of course, for your set of keys.


  • High-end leather key tag
  • Comes with a flashlight or blinking light
  • With Bluetooth or RF Technology
  • Fast charging
  • Easy to set up
  • Clear instructions
  • Fast detector; reduces time to locate things
  • Peace of mind
  • Excellent security device for tracking lost wallet
  • The size is great as you can stick in a wallet without using much space.
  • Would make an excellent gift for anyone

How to set up a key finder?

There is an app to install on your phone that goes with the tool. Decide which card you want to go with which item you wish to label and keep track of – car, cellphone, keys, remote control, or wallet. Pair the card, push the button, and it’s good to go. It can be tracked using the GPS on your phone and can provide directions and locations if needed.

It will just take 5 minutes to see it on your phone. Download the app and indicate the stuff you often lose and label them. The card is discreet and will fit in a wallet with no issue. Attach the key finder to your keys and you can stop worrying. It will tell you exactly where the lost items are as soon as you open the app. The app will also show you the last location of the item if it’s out of range. The beep is even loud enough that you can easily hear it when the keys are under a pillow, a pile of clothes, or even in a cabinet.

Final Words

Other tracking devices have all the same drawbacks; they stop functioning when the batteries are dead. The card system is pretty neat because it uses wireless charging, and the life of the battery can last up to 4 months. The size of the card is a little thicker than a credit card, so as mentioned multiple times, it can fit in your wallet pretty easily. You can then place your purse on your wireless charger every once in a while to charge it!


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