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The Top Seven Qualities You Will Need To Be A Good Writer



The Top Seven Qualities You Will Need To Be A Good Writer

The Top Seven Qualities You Will Need To Be A Good Writer

The Top Seven Qualities You Will Need To Be A Good Writer

The Top Seven Qualities You Will Need To Be A Good Writer

The fact of the matter is that most people fall in the middle ground between those who feel that they can write and those who feel that they cannot. Good writing is not something impossible to achieve and putting words to pages is not as daunting as it sounds. The following are some of the qualities that any good writer must have.

1.  A good piece of writing makes you question:Good writing is not all about the writer; it is more about the reader. You need not be indulgent to your readers. But what you need is to anticipate the questions that the reader can have in his/her mind while reading and then answering the questions in the way of your writing.

2.  Good writing is a lot about data: Data adds the much-needed credibility to the piece that you are writing and it puts up the context that you are writing about. So, make sure that your piece of writing is rooted in facts and indulge in as much research, rechecking of facts, and curating as you possibly can.

3.  Good writing is similar to good teaching:Good writing is a lot about explaining like the teachers do to their students. Your aim is to make the things clearer to the readers and to help them make sense of the topic. Writer helps the reader to be the part of the solution that he is offering and therein lays the success of his composition.

4.  Your writing is about telling a full story:Good piece of writing eliminates any opposing viewpoints and covers all the necessities within its folds. There are multiple perspectives of every topic and you need to cover all the points to ensure that there is no question left unanswered on the minds of the readers.

5.  It is a lot like calculations: Good writing is about the structure and logical deductions. The writer has the responsibility to take the burden of explanations on his shoulder and to make it easy for the readers. It is a lot like math where you calculate and deduce to reach conclusions.

6.  A good piece is not simplistic but not simple: Good content is about deconstructing a complex piece of subject and making it penetrable. You need to keep it simplistic but you need not make it as simple as it sounds like you have dumbed down the entire topic. You need to think that the reader knows nothing but you must not assume that your readers are stupid.

7.  Do not be smug about your writing: Many writers are sheepish in calling themselves writers and then there is another group of writers that are too smug to call themselves writers. The point is that if you are already smug about your writing, there will hardly be any scope left for you to improve any further on your piece of work. In that way, you can think that being humble is a quality of any good writer worth his salt.


Writing is also about editing and you need to be thorough with your proofreading if you want your writing pieces to be appreciated and admired. So, use the software and do manual checking to make sure there are no errors left in the work that you have created.


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