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Top Five Benefits of Migrating To Dropbox



Top Five Benefits of Migrating To Dropbox

Top Five Benefits of Migrating To Dropbox

Top Five Benefits of Migrating To Dropbox

Top Five Benefits of Migrating To Dropbox

Dropbox has become one of the greatest cloud-storage platforms providing its users with an excellent amount of storage space, versatile access as well as file sharing possibilities. Being used by both individuals and businesses indicates its suitability for both personal and business needs.

You’ll no longer have to calculate the amount of free space on your phone or computer, as Dropbox is able to store all of your files while keeping them secure and protected. Documents aren’t the only files which you can upload, as it enables you to upload your pictures, videos or presentations as well, additionally presenting you with an option to share them with your friends or colleagues.

In case you’re worried about how to migrate your files from your current storage platform to Dropbox, learn more about the possible solutions here. The following migrating advantages might help you as well.

No cost

One of the greatest benefits of Dropbox is being free of charge for storing files up to 2GB. Once you’re done with the registration process, you are given a storage space of two gigabytes, which is a reasonable amount for personal use. However, in case you wish to expand it further, there’s a possibility of upgrading it to a maximum of 100 GB. Naturally, the more storage you need, the higher price you’ll pay.

Since Dropbox is also used by businesses, it provides incredible storage of as much as 5TB, which is more than enough for the needs of a business team. Given that certain teams require more space, it can be adapted to their requirements by paying an additional cost for using the advanced feature.

Nevertheless, there’s even an opportunity to get more cloud-space apart from the 2GB, without paying anything. How is that possible? There’re numerous ways in which it rewards you with more free megabytes such as connecting your Dropbox account to all of your social network profiles or finishing the get stared tour.

Other ways of acquiring free storage are inviting your friends to join Dropbox by getting free 500 MB per friend or participating in Dropbox challenges which are announced once in a while.

File storage and back-up

Top Five Benefits of Migrating To Dropbox

Top Five Benefits of Migrating To Dropbox

Dropbox is an excellent way of storing files which can no longer be stored on your phone or computer due to lack of free space. Regardless of how advanced your phone is, there would be time when you’ll use up all the space and look for another alternative. It stores your data on a cloud, thus enabling you to transfer your files onto the cloud and free up your phone from excessive data.

Furthermore, in case you have files of great importance and you’re concerned about their security, Dropbox offers a back-up option which enables retrieval in case the original file disappears. It also keeps history of all received, sent or deleted files in the period of the last thirty days, which means that you can easily retrieve a file which you have deleted by accident. You may rest assured that your files are in safe hands.

File sharing

Another amazing advantage of Dropbox is file sharing. It not only enables you to store and back-up your files, but to share them with other users as well. The sharing procedure is fast and simple, allowing you to share large-sized files or long videos. The opportunities are endless. Instead of logging into your email or social network accounts and waiting for ages for the files to get attached and then sent, by using Dropbox you can efficiently exchange files with your friends or colleagues.

In order to guarantee greater safety and restricted access, you can protect your files by placing a password, so that only a limited number of people can have access to them. Visit the following link:, for more information on how to password protect your files or folders.

Multiple access

Dropbox is undoubtedly one of the most convenient platforms which enables you to access your files from various types of devices. You can access them from the desktop application on your PC when you’re at home, but you can also access them from any type of other computer or laptop which isn’t yours, just by logging into your account on the online Dropbox website. Moreover, for constant access to your files, you can download the Dropbox mobile application and reach your data through your phone.

The best thing about these various types of access is that all of them are synchronized, so you’re always provided with the latest version of your documents. For instance, if you’ve done an alteration to some file on your desktop computer, you’ll find the same change you made to the document, on your computer at work as well as on your phone.

Offline access to online data

In case you wish to read or review some online data later, not at the actual moment, you can send this information to your Dropbox account, place it in a folder and access it when you aren’t connected to the internet. This is an amazing feature which enables you to be up-to-date, even when you’re offline.

Wrap up

Migrating to Dropbox might be one of your best decisions if you’re looking for a secure, extensive and low-cost file storage.

It provides you with great convenience by offering both online and offline access.

Storing your files has never been easier!


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