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Monetize : Top 5 ways to monetize your NewBee Blog



Top 5 ways to monetize your NewBie Blog

Top 5 ways to monetize your NewBee Blog

Today in this Post i am going to tell you about the Top 5 ways to monetize your NewBee Blog in this Blogger world and earn a few Bucks from it.

Top 5 ways to monetize your NewBie Blog

Top 5 ways to monetize your NewBie Blog

1. Adsense or any other CPC,CPM adds like Chitika and Revenue hits to monetize your Blog.

Every Blogger is aware from Adsense because of it’s high paying money and Trusted by Google and best of best advertisement company available but what about the other blog whose Adsense is Disapproved or banned for them there is many alternate add network which pay quite few good money i myself used Revenue Hits few day’s and give suggestion to use it if your Adsense account is banned.

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2. Earning money through Link Shortening.

Link Shortening is going viral and all people are earning money through it even if they dont have a blog by link shortening,Sharing links with your friends or promoting your blog online use link shortener and it may increase your earning on wordpress, Blogger blog u can integrate it codes or use a plugin and earn money through it,such as on exits of your page link shortening will work on opening a post but dont monetize this too much only use for exits because user hesitate a lot from it waiting for 5 seconds again and again there are many link Shortening Company bitly, and much more i use because it pays good money after as it is banned in many countries so it may decrease your earning, so go for

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3. Earning Few Extra Bucks using Infolinks -The Intext,Tag Cloud Advertising.

Infolinks is an online advertising platform which offers advanced advertising products for publishers, advertisers and brands as we want to monetize our blog we go for Publisher account you have to sign up and wait for your website to approved it probably needs 1 Lakh minimum views lifetime ,For Monetizing of Blog which dont have Adsense here they get many great Advertising Product in it with the new product InArticle adds it becomes a optional product advertiser.Sign up to Infolinks enter up your Website link and wait for Approval after Approval use your wish any product but use in such a way that it does not get involved/Mismatched with Adsense adds if so it may led to your Adsense account banned,To be safe only use InText, InTag Adds or if you want to you may experiment with other Product Service available.

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4.Using InAdd-Image/IN-IMAGE AD

There are many InAdd Image Advertiser which pay certain good amount of money they pay in a range to 1$ to 7$ per 1000 views may vary according to the traffics and from this you can earn a lot of money

But here are Many types of InAdd provider

1.Who host Image on their Server.

ImageTwist-This Company will host images on their server and after successfull 1000 views they will pay nearly 5$.

2.You host the Image in your Own Server with their Plugins or by API/Javacript codes.

Kiosked-If your Server is fast and doesn’t want to lose images use Kiosked for InAdd Advertising.

Imonomy- is also the good alternate of Kiosked and better than it, Imonomy got many products service so the blogger’s can earn money from thier Website.

5.Affiliate and Email Marketing.

Affiliate and Email Marketing getting a new standard for Blogger’s to earn money Affiliate Marketing give the blogger to choose a product which he preffer and give reviews and give advice to his subscriber to buy the product,On every purchase from your affiliate link you get 3%-5% of Commission from the Partnered Shopping Website and Email Marketing booms the Affiliate Marketing by reaching the Blogger voice to all his subscriber through Email making a Impression on the subscriber that the product might be good or you can also earn by sending Promotional or 3rd Party Emails to your Subscriber.


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