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Programming Language

Top 5 Best Programming Languages



Top 5 Best Programming

Top 5 Best Programming Languages

Top 5 Best Programming Languages

Top 5 Best Programming Languages

Howdy, today in this post I am going to share the Top 5 best Programming languages, which I found myself best among many different Programming Languages, i have shortlisted the world’s top 5 best programming languages which every Tech Freak or an IT Employee should know.


Python Programming Language

Python Programming Language

Python is a Rookie Programming language Nowadays thought to Class 1 in US & Germany, It is an interpreted programming language it has 2 modes of interaction

Command Line

In Command line you are able to write commands of 1 line an when you press the Enter button the Command is Executed. In short, it is a 1 line command executor.

Script mode

In Script mode you are able to write the whole program with perfect Semantics and with 0 Errors after all this requirement meets you are able to execute the program and output will be shown according to your program, if your Program code have any error the Debugger will tell you the number of Errors done by you and on which line..
Python is a free to use an Open Source programming language which means anyone can contribute to this programming language, Python programming language is governed by a nonprofit organization.


C++ Programming Language

C++ Programming Language

C++ Programming language was influenced by Programming language C it was a modern and better version of C with some tweaks and improvements, C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup with an idea to create a programming language which is more efficient, flexible and optimized so that program and software created in this programming language have a good performance compared to C. C++ was earlier named as C with Classes because Bjarne Stroustrup brought  the idea of Programming with the help of Classes. C++ is an ISO & ISEC Standardized Programming language. Nowadays, C++ is widely used in telecom industries & in Networking Sectors. C++ is an Object Oriented programming language clubbed with procedural functions, multi-paradigm. The program saved in C++ language have an extension.CPP and after a second of the output display a.BAT file is created which stores the temporary Output of that Program Code.


JAVA Programming Language

JAVA Programming Language

Java is one of the most popular languages all over the world, the popularity of Java Programming language is increasing day by day. Java can be called dad of all the programs because Java programming language is used everywhere from web applications to your offline application, from embedded system software to your Linux distro software all Program codes are written nowadays, in Java Programming language. Java was developed by James Gosling with his companion in Sun MicroSystem, later on, java was acquired by Oracle. The latest version of Java i.e Java 9 was released on 21st September 2017.


REACT Programming Language

REACT Programming Language

React is the fastest growing programming language, it is one of the JavaScript Library used for creating front end development that is User Interface of the System, Back 6 months ago Facebook & Instagram adopted React Library and after them, many Companies move forward to this React Library because of the efficiency of this programming language. This programming language allows you to create the large web application which stores data over your chrome browser and doesn’t need again and again Reload of your browser to get new data, it is basically a smart move by the programmer to move to this language and reduce their programming workload. React language only posses Front End Development.


ANGULAR Programming Language

ANGULAR Programming Language

Angular is yet another Programming language it is also one of the JavaScript library used nowadays on a large scale to develop the front end of the software and also to connect the MYSQL Database with the help of “Ionic”, Ionic is a software development platform which uses AngularJS to create Stunning software for Android, Desktop & IOS.

Final Verdict

I have mentioned some of the best programming languages which should be known to every Tech Freak because Knowing programming language names and basic details is must to everyone in this Industry.

Praneet is the CEO and Editor of the website He is a blogger and have varoius blog on various topic and he is from India who loves to read and write about Technology, Gadgets and Gaming. If you share the similar interests then you can follow him on Facebook | Google+ | Twitter

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