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Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow For Every New Entrepreneur



Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow For Every New Entrepreneur

Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow For Every New Entrepreneur

The best way to get some inspiration and motivation for achieving success is to follow some inspirational people and learn the good things from them. If you are looking forward to being an entrepreneur, then it is a must for you to look into the lives of the successful entrepreneurs to follow all over the world and analyze how they do things. This will give amazing help and guidance on your path to being a successful entrepreneur yourself. Here, we have made up a list of some of the top entrepreneurs of this world or entrepreneurs to follow, whom you can follow and have their influence on your lives. Have a look.

Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow For Every New Entrepreneur

Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow For Every New EntrepreneurTop 10 Entrepreneurs to Follow For Every New Entrepreneur

Shama Hyder

She is a great entrepreneur who has great accolades to her name. She was called by the Entrepreneur Magazine as the “Zen Master of Marketing,” whereas the Fast Company called her the “Millennial Master of the Universe.” She has a great success story and her award-winning Marketing Zen Group has seen 400% growth annually since its start 9 years ago. She is a keynote speaker as well and has shared the stage with world leaders like Obama and Dalai Lama. If you want to become one of the best women entrepreneurs in India then you can learn a lot by following her.

John Rampton

He is a serial entrepreneur who can be one of the biggest inspirations to any aspiring entrepreneur. He worked as a constructor and met with an accident so severe that he was told he may never walk again. But not only he beat the odds and started walking, but he worked very hard, 16-20 hours a day, and eventually became the owner of, a digital wallet allowing users to make transactions online.

Jason Nazar

Jason is an active tech entrepreneur, investor, and writer. He is the founder of ‘Comparably’, which is an online platform helping its users to understand the compensation and culture at their workplace. Before this, Jason also launched Docstoc, which at that time was the largest content site to help small businesses. Jason’s story is a wonderful story and his dedication and hard work took him to where he is. One should definitely follow him and learn from him to achieve big in life.

Rana Gujral

He is a famous CEO, investor, and advisor, who founded a leading enterprise in the SaaS setup, known as Tize, and got himself entrepreneur of the month award by CIA magazine for it. Tize is essentially cloud software for specialty chemicals. Before Tize, Rana had held crucial positions in various firms such as Logitech S.A and Kronos Inc. etc. in which he worked to develop world class products and bring in billions of revenue. He has been an icon and following him can lead you to places.

Chelsea Krost

The owner of Chelsea Publications, Chelsea Krost is not only a great entrepreneur but also a renowned author and a radio and TV host. Her company offers services in traditional and social media landscape as well as marketing. But besides handling such a great and successful business, Chelsea is a hardworking lady and manages her TV schedule inspirationally. She is also a health coach, and this proves us that one must not be satisfied with what they have, but they should work hard and strive to be even better, which is the mantra to be a successful entrepreneur.

James Altucher

He is a great entrepreneur and manager who is also a great and renowned author. He has co-founded more than 20 companies till now which includes the famous Reset Inc. He preaches that one should develop a well-balanced life as an entrepreneur as it reflects on their success. Altucher is one of the most honest entrepreneurs who shares his struggles and stories with brutal honesty, and by following him you can learn and inspire yourself through difficulties.

Jack Dorsey

Jack is the founder of Twitter and Square, a mobile payments company. He is an internet entrepreneur, recognized amongst the world’s top 35 innovators below 35 years of age. He also won the innovator of the year award in 2012. Since he is the owner of Twitter, one can follow him there and learn a lot about his life, and learn to innovate from the innovator himself in order to be a successful entrepreneur going forward.

Renato Libric

He is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He is the CEO of Bouxtie Inc. is a Fintech company. He has worked for over a year in the commercial real estate sector. Renato also works with several nonprofit organizations and engages himself in helping and assisting the young and upcoming entrepreneurs. So by following him, you can get some great insights which will help you a lot going forward.

Ingrid Vanderveldt

She is a self-made tech entrepreneur and a founder and CEO of Vanderveldt Global Investments. Her organization works in helping women by giving them access to financial literacy and mentoring tools. She is a big advisor and a change agent and loves to help in the social development. Listening to her ideas and following her can be an inspiration filled journey which can provide a key to many doors for young entrepreneurs.

Kelly Lowell

She is the producer and host of You Effect, which is a public generated global media network. Not only Kelly is a great entrepreneur having made the You Effect grow so much, but she is also a great socialist who tries to help others by bringing the stories, opinions, and passion of global leaders to young people. She was even called and recognized by Queen Elizabeth for her efforts. Following her can be a great decision as you can learn a lot about many great leaders through her.

The Bottom Line

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur to follow, you must start following some of these entrepreneurs mentioned in the list. It will help you out in getting the early motivation from their success and failures stories. Moreover, you can get a lot of ideas to do complex tasks easily.

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