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Top 10 Best Free VPN for Torrenting 2017



Top 10 Best Free VPN for Torrenting 2017

Top 10 Best Free VPN for Torrenting 2017

Top 10 Best Free VPN for Torrenting 2017

Top 10 Best Free VPN for Torrenting 2017

Virtual private network or a VPN is said to be the world’s best digital privacy tool that is used to create an encrypted and secured connection. VPN allows you to keep your online activities private and makes it possible that your online activities be made untraceable. Here are the top 10 best free VPN for torrenting 2017:


Private Tunnel is a free VPN that keeps your data as well as identity safe on any device. Available for a number of platforms such as Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS, it comes in a limited and free package in addition to its paid subscriptions. Once you run out of the free data, you can opt for purchasing more data for a yearly package which will give you unlimited data. PrivateTunnel works well as a VPN even though the connections can be a little slow at times. Private Tunnel also offers to bypass country block, enjoy unlimited video streaming, access the deep web in protected environment and also you can download movies or torrent without mitigating your anonymity.


TunnelBear is a free VPN provider that provides great quality service and keeps only minimal connection logs. This VPN has a restriction of 500MB of traffic per month and you will be provided with several paid subscriptions to choose from. It has an impressive performance and easy to use. Available over 20 countries, this is one of the best free VPN for torrenting.


Windscribe is one of the new VPN’s in the market which provides relatively good data and commitment in protecting your privacy. Their free service gives you around 10GB bandwidth per month and allows you to choose from eight of their remote server locations. This VPN does not store your connection logs, visited sites or IP stamps. There are several added perks like tweeting about their service earns you an extra 5GB, each time you invite a friend to join- you earn 1GB.


Speedify, another best VPN software ensures that users benefit from encryption while providing a good network speed. Their services make users of all the available internet connection to give the best performance and operate a clear no logging policy which means it does not monitor your internet traffic. The free plan gives access to those servers similar to the subscription options but limits the amount of data you can download. All free users get up to 4GB of free data for the first month but this drops to 1GB during the subsequent months.


Freelan is a free VPN for experienced users who are quite comfortable with the command line. It is an open source tool and completely free but setting it up can be tricky, particularly for amateurs. For advanced users, Freelan has got a great deal to offer which lets you abstract a LAN network over the internet which can be used in any way users want to. You can go for the client- server, peer to peer and hybrid configuration.


CyberGhost provides their users with top class software for online protection and is available on all platforms and devices- iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. This VPN hides your IP address and replaces it one of theirs, thus making your online activities impossible to track and spy on even when you are on unprotected public Wi-Fi networks. The free users have to queue to connect to certainly available servers and face limited advertisements during the session. The CyberGhost servers help gain you access to contents from all over the world and are considered few of the best free VPN for torrenting.

VPN Gate

VPN Gate network is a free and open-source multi-protocol software where the users can connect using SoftEther VPN protocol or more conventional VPN protocols. This VPN is run by volunteers which mean that anyone can volunteer to operate a VPN Gate server. Unless it is hidden by HTTPS, any volunteer can spy on your internet activities. Even though this VPN is free, it is not suitable for users wanting privacy. The VPN Gate should instead be considered as an anti- censorship as well as anti- public Wi-Fi hacking tool and not a commercial service.

Hotspot Shield Free

Hotspot Shield Free is another best free VPN for torrenting for protecting your privacy but limits your access to locations that Hotspot Shield chooses. This VPN offers the option to automatically enable free VPN whenever users connect to a wireless network which is deemed as unsafe. The available bandwidth limit is of 750MB which seems generous but it does hamper the online performance a little when this VPN is enabled with limited configuration options.

Also Read: Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools is a VPN that has a large number of protocols to use with great speeds and security. Spread over 23 countries with 115 servers worldwide, most of them allow P2P and can be connected with up to 5 devices. The free VPN plan provides is limited in few aspects but is useful to judge the services or if you are low on funds. There are lots of protocols to choose from for both iOS and Android devices and provides great features on the windows client.


SurfEasy is another available VPN which has been around for quite a number of years, offering unique and interesting services. It comes loaded with a secure browser and provides OpenVPN by default which is really good. Due to a robust control channel, SurfEasy VPN provides a strong encryption implementation and quick speeds which make it suitable for most people’s needs.

The SurfEasy Wi-Fi security protects you when you automatically connect to an open or unprotected network. This VPN connects to up to 5 devices simultaneously and its protection hides your information with ultra- fast downloading speeds. You can use this VPN without having to worry about torrenting exposing your location, IP address or compromise your security.

The Last Words

The above are the best free VPN for torrenting available for both personal and professional safety. Before deciding on which VPN to go for, keep few things in mind, such as- ease of use, reputation, encryption type used, performance, transparency, support and other features. Also focus on additional features such as Best Antivirus firewalls, ad- blocking and kill switches which disconnect you from the web if your VPN connection drops down, thus keeping you safe.


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