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Tonor TC-777 Microphone Review – Your go to Microphone



Tonor TC-777 Microphone Review

Among the massive variety of types and models available, to know the best Microphone for the job is an essential skill for an artist, which can make a huge difference between sub-standard and spectacular outcomes. 

Choosing one or more microphones for that all-important voices and acoustic instrument recordings is the most important things any new engineer/studio operator/producer needs to do. For studio recording here are different elements that are all parts of our perfect mix.

Every minute detail is a new door step in building one amazing end product which the artist is aiming for. Creating a high-quality recording is a massive role played by microphones.

Tonor TC-777 Microphone Review – Your go to Microphone

For creating different sounds there are a wide range of options with equally as many varieties for which one can choose. From a wide range of options making a choice can be overwhelming many a times. Several different factors are considered while choosing a microphone such as the frequency response, microphone type, the singers voice, and what sound one is looking for. Everyone has a different choice for different voices.

Which Microphone can enhance positive aspects of an artist’s voice and which do not attract or have not-so-positive aspects, is important to be studied. Finding the best microphone that fits like Cinderella’s shoe for an artist can save some time when it comes to EQing as well.

After considering all of these, there are many go-to microphones for “typical” voice types. One among others Microphone is TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone.

TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone is the best choice; Its size varies between small to medium USB microphone with a mic and is able to connect to any system. Without any changeable settings, being simple it allows slight background noise toning and with a cardioid pickup it focuses on the subject lying in front of it.

Plug-and-play designs are also available in it; installing a USB microphone is a breeze. Reliable and accurate pickup is possible with its high-quality cardioid microphone capsule. Unfolding the three-legged stand directly and also pop filter adjustment is the only requirement and then one can use it. Cobalt blue finish is given to its body with a silver accent line all around it.

Tonor TC-777 Microphone Review - Your go to Microphone

Tonor TC-777 Microphone Review – Your go to Microphone

It also comes with the white print TONOR logo across the front with a black grill with a USB running out from the bottom

It provides a one-stop solution for an artist because It is an All-in-one Microphone Set which consists of 

  • Microphone with Power Cord, 
  • Tripod desk stand with folding feet, 
  • Mini Shock Mount, 
  • Pop Filter, 
  • Manual, Service Card. 

Product specification

  • Polar Pattern – Cardioid
  • Frequency Response- 100Hz – 16KHz
  • Sensitivity – (-38Db ± 3Db)
  • USB Output – USB Type B to Type A
  • Maximum SPL – ≥110db
  • S/N Ratio – 56dB
  • Sample Rate – 44.1KHz-48KHz
  • Work Voltage- USB 5V DC
  • Bit Rate – 16 bit
  • Output Impedance – 680Ω

TONOR TC-777 USB Microphones are available on :



Some of the pros and cons of this Microphone 


  • It is easy to install, without any assembly, the only requirement is to unfold the three-legged stand and adjust the position of the pop filter, and then it can be plug and play.
  • Clear, crisp and smooth sound in front of the Microphone are captured by the cardioid pickup pattern with unwanted noise being emmited.
  • It has excellent sound quality, that is enough for daily use.
  • It is very economical, i.e. only $39 for a complete mic set.
  • It is suitable for gaming, vocal recording, voice-over, streaming, voice recognition, YouTube video, Skype, etc.
  • It is a complete pack with all accessories (tripod, shock mount, pop filter, etc.)
  • It has perfect compatibility with Windows, Apple and LINUX system, and also support PS4.


  • Xbox consoles is not compatible with it.
  • If not properly isolated it can pick up some rumble.
  • It does not have a long cable, 1.5M.
  • Tripod stand on the table; hence it is challenging to pull Microphone near to the mouth.

TONOR TC-777 USB Microphones are an affordable alternative to few of the best microphones like Blue YETI, Rode mics, Audio Technica AT2020


Weight159 grams1.6 kg
Price Only $39.99Over $100
Dimensions14 x 4.5 x 4 cm12 x 12 x 29 cm
AccessoriesTripod, shock mount, pop filterFew
Sound QualityGood for non-professionalVery good
Cost performanceVery highlow


Weight159 grams42 GRAMS
Price Only $39.99Over $65
Dimensions14 x 4.5 x 4 cm12 x 12 x 29 cm
AccessoriesTripod, shock mount, pop filterFew
Sound QualityGood for non-professionalVery good
Cost performanceVery highlow


Weight159 grams1.7 pounds
Price Only $39.99$128.58
Dimensions14 x 4.5 x 4 cm9.6 x 9.6 x 2.6 inches
AccessoriesTripod, shock mount, pop filterFew
Sound QualityGood for non-professionalVery good
Cost performanceVery highlow


The better solution than Blue Snow Ball 

Weight159 grams1.7 pounds
Price $39.99$69.99
Dimensions14 x 4.5 x 4 cm9.95 x 6.45 x 5.2 inches
AccessoriesTripod, shock mount, pop filterTripod 
Recording qualityGoodGood
Cost performanceVery highlow
Keyboard NoiseNo Yes 


The Microphone is the gateway to our amplified sound; how it reproduces our voice can have a great deal of influence over our singing. Our vocal technique may be affected by our voice for better or worse by the voice reproduced by the mic.

In this case, we don’t like what we are hearing the reason is not that one is not singing well, instead, the mic is not reproducing our vocal sound well as one may have made inappropriate muscular adjustments and end up straining our voice Tonor TC-777 microphone is a wonderful entry-level solution for simple/starter projects and hobbies.

It is great for vloggers and podcasters looking to get started without breaking the bank. The clarity is amazing when compared to the price, and unless people can see us using it, they will likely think we are using something really expensive. 

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