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TONOR 12″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand



TONOR 12" Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

A brief introduction 

We live in a world where videos and pictures are an integral part of every part of our lives, whether it is for documenting a memorable moment or for content creation. Since the use of the internet, particularly social media, has increased enormously, the market of content creation has witnessed huge growth. This is the reason platforms like Tik Tok, YouTube, and more have many users who post content on a daily basis and are watched by millions of people around the world. 

TONOR 12" Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Content creation is such a significant market; it is important that the quality of the videos or pictures is just as good as possible. Fortunately, there are a number of great tools and products available in the market which will make the content more engaging and presentable. Numerous social media sensations, influencers, fashion, or makeup enthusiasts use these tools to enhance their appearance in videos and photographs. 

One such great product which is widely used is the Tonor 12’’ Ring Light. This is specially designed for creating high-quality visual content. Due to higher customer satisfaction and positive reaction of the buyers regarding this product, it has seen a spike in sales. This article is dedicated to analyzing the features and uniqueness of this product which makes it better than many other products present. You can Buy it from the Tonor Official Website

What is a ring light?

Lighting is a significant part of photography or video shooting. Due to their high efficiency, cameras with ring lights have become a priority for many people. Ring lights are essentially what they sound like. It is a circular light in the center of which the camera is placed. Initially, ring lights were used by medical professionals. During surgery or even during a regular check-up, doctors used this tool to focus on the part of the body they needed to operate on. However, due to its usefulness, it is now used in the content creation industry


It has made getting adequate lighting much easier for content creators. Ring lights spread the light equally, which minimizes the shadow on the person’s face. This results in a smooth-looking face. With its ability to focus on objects, it can also be used for wildlife or food photography. Apart from having basic features which are great for self-shot videos or photos, it also has additional adjustable features like temperature brightness or even color. Using a ring light decreases the amount of time and effort required to edit videos or photos. 

Features of Tonor 12” Ring Light with Tripod 

The above description must have given you a clear idea of why ring lights are the choice of so many content creators. If you want to create content that can keep with the time and be loved by people, then using a ring light might be just what you need. Now, we are going to discuss the features Tonor 12” Ring Light with Tripod possesses. 


  • Lifespan of 20000H


Features like brightness, color, and others are important. However, they do not hold any value if the device is not long-lasting and durable. Luckily, this product has a greater life compared to many other ring lights. The bulbs are protected against electrostatic shielding. Also, its circuit is built in a way to save the connected device from any harm in case of high voltage. Owing to such features, it has a long life of 20000H.


  • Includes a tripod stand


This product comes with a tripod stand. It includes four adjustable parts, which provide the flexibility to increase or decrease the height as per your needs. The maximum height can be 52” while the minimum is 16”. The tripod stand helps the user change the ring light base to get the desired angle. Also, the triangular base of the tripod is the secret behind its stability. 


  • Adjustable light intensity


The light intensity of the ring can be adjusted as per your needs. There are three intensity settings, neutral, warm, and cold, with ten brightness modes. Also, while switching between these settings, the color temperature varies from 2700 K to 6500 K. 


  • The dual intensity of light 


There are 160 LED bulbs in the ring light, which is a large number. Due to this, it has high brightness. As mentioned before, it has ten brightness levels. Although it has high brightness, the light is gentle and does not have a glare so that a person does not have any inconvenience when the ring light is used. 


  • Easy to use 


All the brilliant features are no good if the user cannot understand how to use them. Fortunately, that is not the case with this tonor. This has been made in a way the user faces no difficulty in setting and operating it. The power cord has an adequate length. Furthermore, the ring light has an in-built Bluetooth so that you can control the connected device from a remote. 


The Tonor 12” Ring Light is an exceptionally well performing device. This is perfect for any type of content creator. The height can be between 16 to 52 inches. The 12 inch ring light has 160 bulbs with 500 to 800 lm luminous flux. The CR2032 Bluetooth-enabled remote is rated 3V. The power cord is rated 5V 2A, while the combined power the ring light takes up is 10 W. 

The color temperature for neutral light is 4100 to 4700 K, for warm color is 2700 to 3300 K, while for cold, it is 5800 to 6500 K. Since this is a Bluetooth enabled ring light, it can work with both iOS and Android devices. According to the buyers, it has an adjustable height and you can easily tilt it. Plus it has ten brightness levels, stable stand, and 20000 hours of life are the features that make it better than most. 

To sum it up 

The outstanding properties of this Tonor 12 ring light make it the choice of many people around the world. It can be adjusted to meet your needs so that you get the video or picture quality you desire. Moreover, it is very durable. All in all, this is a product worth investing in. If you are a content creator, then it is a product you must have. You can buy it from Amazon too.

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