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Things to keep in mind while downgrading iOS



Things to keep in mind while downgrading iOS

Apple’s latest mobile operating system may come with it’s own perks, however, there are chances you don’t feel quite yourself with your new iOS. Be it application issues or battery life concerns, it’s time you downgrade your device back to an older version.

Latest versions of iOS might come with new features and improved performance but it’s alright if you’re not happy about it and decide to get back to square one.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering downgrading iOS

Figuring the best way out

Now, there are two different ways you can go about downgrading.

  • The first being the clean restore method which allows you to wipe all the existing data off your phone and let’s you start over. This method has it’s advantages, because you’re starting from scratch, there is minimal possibility of app crashing and/or compatibility issues. This way, you can expect the downgrade to work effectively and efficiently.
  • The second method being the update method. This method allows your settings and data to be retained. However, phone app history as well as message app history isn’t retained all that well. You can still manage to retrieve most of the data on your device.

We will understand that later in detail.

Checking your device status

  • Downgrading to earlier iOS versions such as iOS 10.3/ 10.2/ 10.1 is currently not possible because Apple hasn’t signed these firmwares anymore.
  • You might want to go to to check which iOS version your device can downgrade to.
  • However, TinyUmbrella can help ease the process and trick Apple into believing a lot many things. Continue reading to find out more.

Backup issues and more

  • In most cases, allowing iCloud to perform a backup on your current updated iOS will not help you restore the backup once you have downgraded your device.
  • Say, for example, if you want to restore your data from backup after downgrading from iOS 11, you’ll need to have a backup of iOS 10 to restore from.
  • For this, you’ll have to either disable iCloud backups directly after upgrading your device or saving an iOS 10 backup through iTunes just before upgrading.
  • You might want to upload your data to a web based storage or manually download them to your PC before you downgrade to an older version.
  • Regardless, be prepared to lose some data.

Some FAQ’s

What are SHSH blobs?

A piece of data that is part of Apple’s digital signature used for iOS restores and updates, and designed to control the iOS versions that users can install on their iOS devices, only allowing the newest iOS version to be installable.

How does TinyUmbrella work?

The latest version of this tool saves the SHSH blobs for the most recent firmware. Saving the SHSH blobs will guarantee that you can downgrade to that version even if you’ve updated your device. In this way, you are tricking Apple into thinking that the version you want to downgrade to is very much valid.

Therefore, after downloading the latest version of TinyUmbrella, connect your iOS device to your PC and let the downloads begin.

While downgrading may seem easy, it is quite a complicated task. If you’re downgrading via iTunes, you might face problems where your device constantly keeps going back to recovery mode when it is about to restore. If so, you should

Steps to avoid recovery mode problem

  • Try and force restart your phone. You can do this by holding and pressing the sleep/wake button and the home button till the Apple logo appears on the screen. Once the device restarts, your problem should most likely be fixed.
  • If not, you should try third party programs like iMyFone iOS System Recovery program. It is a data recovery program so there’s no way you are going to lose your data while your device is being fixed. After the device is fixed, you can continue using it as you generally would.

What you need to keep in mind is that although downgrading comes with its own perks, you might have to face various issues:

Issues faced while Downgrading iOS

  • Incompatibility with third party apps.
  • Introduces bugs into the device that may cause the device to crash frequently.
  • The device may often reboot by itself.

Final Words

That was a great article on “Things to keep in mind while downgrading iOS device” and I am sure that it would have helped you in some or any other way. IF you loved our article, dont forget to share the same.

If you still have any problem, please do comment below and someone from our team will get back to you. Till then, Happy Downgrading!

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