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Night Vision Goggles

Things You Can Do With Night Vision Goggles



Night Vision Goggles

Things You Can Do With Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles

Night Vision Goggles

A comprehensive guide on Night Vision Optics

Night Vision goggles are used in various military forces around the planet. Soldiers in US Military use night vision goggles to spot the enemy forces during the night times. Though you can use a flashlight to see during the nights, night vision goggles help you to maintain secrecy as there is no light. Soldiers in Afghanistan use night vision goggles frequently to find the Taliban terrorists in the borders. The application of night vision goggles in increasing in everyday law enforcement as the prices of these devices are falling rapidly due to advancements in technology.

Types of Night Vision Goggles

There are various myths around night vision goggles. Most people believe that only I² systems are called as night vision goggles. But in reality, there are two types of night vision goggles. One is Infrared thermal device and the other one is popular Image Intensifier device. Both these devices provide night vision. There is a certain difference between the functionality of the two devices. Infrared systems use the infrared rays to calculate the difference in heat to produce the radiating heat in an electronic image format. Whereas Image intensifier night vision goggles is a device which intensifies the existing light and creates the night vision.

Things you can do with Night Vision Goggles

There are few exciting things you can do with image intensifier night vision goggles. The beautiful thing about them is they are affordable, unlike Infrared vision devices. Image Intensifier goggles are widely used in SWAT operations by military forces and police departments. It is an extraordinary tool to overwatch snipers during the combats. They are also used in warehouses to see if there is anyone during the nights. Whereas Infrared Thermal devices are widely used in search operations. They help to recover the evidence during the rescue operations. They help to detect the cars in parking lots. They also play a huge role in-house surveillance.

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Drawbacks of Image Intensifiers and Thermal Devices

Both thermal devices and image intensifier devices have got their own set of drawbacks. Image Intensifier devices fail to produce a quality image when there is any fog or smoke in the environment. It can be easily tampered by the house lights and urban street lights. Due to the lights in the environment, it produces very saturated images which are useless. It also fails to produce a quality image during the snowfalls, rains etc.

Thermal devices work great in smoke. They also produce a quality image during the rains and snowfalls. The main problem with Infrared Thermal devices is they cannot see through windshields and glass windows. They are very poor to identify the faces. Thermal devices produce the images without sufficient sharpness. So, we cannot get detail with Thermal devices. We can just see that there is a person hiding behind something, but we cannot identify his face.


Infrared Thermal devices used to cost above $20,000 couple of years back. So they were not used widely except in the military forces. But there is a significant drop in the prices of Thermal devices in last one year. Now, you can own a good Thermal device for $5000. Due to this, they are now being used in various fields like automobiles, house surveillance etc. Luxury car manufacturers are using Thermal Infrared Devices in cars to provide the vision during the nights.

The cost of Image Intensifier devices completely depends on the image quality. There are different segments in Image Intensifier models. 240 x 180 image intensifier night vision goggles just cost you $200. But if you want imagery of 320 x 240 image resolution, the price goes up by $1000. For 640 x 480 resolution, you need to add $1000 more.


Using Image Intensifier night vision optics is pretty straightforward. You can put on those goggles and see everything during the nights. But some manufacturers offer training to use these devices to help you to change settings to get the best image during all kinds of situations. If you are willing to buy a night vision goggle set, invest some time in training yourself to get the best output from your device. There are many advanced developments happening in the field of night vision. We may see the high definition night vision images soon.

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