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The Top Customer Service Mistakes Killing Your Business



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The Top Customer Service Mistakes Killing Your Business

Without an excellent customer service record, your business is ripe for extinction. The backbone of every successful business is consumer loyalty, but poor experiences cause customers to lose faith in your people and products. These customers spread their frustrations and unhappiness with others, leading to bad reviews and negative opinions.

Pretty soon, you may see people start to avoid your business altogether. On the other hand, if you are able to proactively address the most common customer service mistakes that tend to drive people away, you can save yourself the roller coaster ride of consumer emotions and lost customer loyalty. These are things you definitely don’t want in your customer service strategy.

Using Too Much Automation

Every area of business operations has been revolutionized by technology, but just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. Take automation. There is a fine line to walk between the use of automated services and human effort. With customer service, people want a personalized, efficient, attentive, and empathetic approach to their needs.

It is possible to use chatbots on a website to help fill in a communications gap, but when it comes to phone calls, don’t abandon personal and direct contact in favor of an automated system. Phone trees and voice-response prompts can get complicated and frustrating, and in your efforts to make your life easier and save money, you cost your company its customer service reputation. VoiceNation is a cost-efficient and human solution to your problem.

However, you decide to fix your automation problem, keep in mind that all customers are different in their communication preferences. Make sure your company provides these options.

Passively Listening to Consumers

All too often, customer service agents are taught to get to a resolution as quickly as possible and then field the next call. With this mentality, agents skip the very important step of listening to the customer.

Passively listening means that you hear a few buzzwords and start assuming you know what the customer wants or what is best. Actively listening means listening to the greater complexities of the problem and the big picture.

Restating what you heard the problem to be and identifying the emotional components that are included in the customer’s positions lets the customer know that your company cares. Train your agents to really listen to customers. One way to do this is to abandon forced-sounding scripts and responses.

Failing to Be Proactive

While customer service efforts are usually reactionary, they don’t have to be. If you change the mindset of your team to be forward-thinking about satisfying and wowing every customer, you could see more positive, complimentary calls rather than complaints.

Data analytics is a great way to take this idea forward. Tracking the calls that are logged and the issues or products that come up frequently gives your company a better idea of the things your consumers see as weaknesses. You can improve your processes or products when you know that there are consistent complaints about them.

Conducting surveys with consumers post-resolution can pinpoint how well your customer service team is doing at exceeding your company expectations of service. It is much better to be ahead of the problems in customer service than struggling to catch up and rebuild a tarnished reputation.

Undervaluing the Customer Support Staff

Happy employees have a more engaging and dynamic approach to their tasks, even in a field as difficult and demanding as customer service. Not every phone call or conversation with a customer will be easy, but customer service representatives that feel valued and needed will address the concerns or complaints with a better attitude.

Take care of your staff with great pay and benefits, but put in place a reward system that recognized great service. Provide opportunities for training and development, and make use of software programs or tech that can make their life easier. The better you care for your staff, the better they will care for your customers.

Stop and assess your current customer service strategy or processes. Have you found that you are making some of these common mistakes? The good thing about knowing where you are going wrong is the ability to make changes. Address these areas and watch your customer service experience become award-winning.

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