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The Pros and Cons of Social Media



The Pros and Cons of Social Media

The Pros and Cons of Social Media

Social Media is one of the most effective tools to promote a business and take it to the next level. The digital era has made the businesses to come up online and share their products, news, and events on the social networks to reach a large audience. This can either be done through social media marketing or by running the ads on social networks.

A number of social media tools have been designed to help the businesses as well as individuals to boost the sales or promote a product and take marketing to a new level. Though there are several pros of social media, but it also has several cons associated with it. Let us discuss the pros and cons of social media in details.

The Pros and Cons of Social Media

The Pros and Cons of Social Media

The Pros

There are numerous pros and cons of social media. Let us have a look at some of its pros first and try to find out why it is the best:

Increase in Criminal Examination because of Social Media

The police department of New York City began making use of Twitter back in the year 2011 in order to keep a track and detect online crimes and criminals. For instance when in 2011, the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup their Vancouver fans came out on the streets and rioted. However, the local authorities made use of social media for tracking and tagging the people who were involved in the whole scene and also caught people who were involved in stealing and robbery during the riots.

Make New Social Connections

According to the statistics about 70% of the adults are making use of social media websites in order to connect with their relatives and friends living in other states and countries. In addition, around 57% of the teenagers have been reported making new friendships and connection over the online social media network.

Students Performance Improved in School

One of the interesting fact about the pros and cons of social media and its effect on students is that they are performing quite well in their school. It has been reported that over 50% of the students having internet access make use of social networking websites to interact and discuss their school work and projects with one another.

Better Quality of Life

Now talking about the support groups that have been formed on Facebook, social media is of great importance. Members who are a part of such groups make discussion about their health conditions, sharing important information and relevant resources as per their conditions meanwhile creating robust support networks.

Social Media – The Source of Employment

Finding jobs and interested candidates has become quite easy and all thanks to the social media websites. Many online websites such as LinkedIn is a major platform that most of the job recruiters take an advantage of while looking for qualified and interested employees. Recruiters can hire the potential employees using social media network.

Cons of Social Media

Although social media includes many pros but there are some cons also attached to its use. So here are some of the cons of social media. Let us have a look on some of its cons now:

Misleading Information

With the introduction of the web, people begin creating their own blog and websites. As beginners these blogs tried to focus on trending topics like health, entertainment, politics etc. however, many of the blogs turned around as rumor mills thereby spreading misleading information about various niches and people tend to believe it because it was on the web. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of social media.

Social Media Sites are Blamed for Lost Productivity

Twitter and Facebook that are the most used social media platforms is a major cause of lost productivity at the workplace. In 36% of people stated that social networking is a complete waste of time in comparison to other activities like shopping, playing football and watching football.

Less Face to Face Communication

Another major disadvantage of social media networking is lack of face to face communication. People tend to interact more on social media sites than talking in person. In 2012, a study conveyed that families tend to spend less time with each other and the level rose from 8% in 2000 to 32% in 2011. The study also conveyed that about 32% of the people were busy on either social media sites or texting instead of communicating with one another during a family gathering.

Distraction for Students

Social media sites can also play a distracting role for students. The students might sideline their studies and focus on sites like Facebook etc for interacting with people. The use of social media might not just limit to discussing the assignments and gaining information relating to subjects. Therefore social media can also distract students.

Cyber Bullying On Social Media

Cyber bullying is one of the most prevailing crimes on social media websites. People can use social media sites for bullying each other. They can write or post inappropriate content targeting anyone. This is another big disadvantage of using social media websites.

The Final Words

So, these were some of the pros and cons of social media. Everything that is created in this world has its own pros and cons and same is the case with social media. Though, it is very productive for businesses, but can be distractive for the employees and students. You can carry out good marketing campaigns through social media websites, and can be bullied by fraud agencies or websites. It is totally up to you how well you utilize the social media.
The social media can be very helpful for the people who actually know why they are here and what is the purpose of being on social media websites, but those who are just dangling in without proper knowledge can find their time getting wasted and the worst part is that they can’t do anything about it. So, you might have been well versed with the pros and cons of social media until now. Now, you can decide how effectively social media can be utilized by you.

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