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The Growing Importance of Short Term Video in Consumer Marketing



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The use of video has become one of the most powerful components in marketing to date.  While blogs and Tweets still have their place, many businesses use short-form video to do everything from educate consumers to creating brand identity. The fact is, short-form video may give your marketing strategy the boost it needs.

As digital trends evolve, brands are investing more in video to drive more consumer-based experiences. Still, channels like Instagram and Snapchat have disrupted traditional video production and are challenging brands to develop shorter, more personalized content to address their audiences.

According to a recent study by Animoto, over 76 percent of small businesses say they can measure a marked result from the video content that they’ve created.

Video is here to stay. The question is, what content should we put in our videos, and how long should they be?

G Scott Paterson, one of the leaders at The QYOU, a media company that curates and packages short-form video for multiscreen distribution, says that short form videos excel at capturing the attention of consumers who are new to a brand, but they are also perfect for viewers with short attention spans.

Short form videos, Paterson adds, only take a few seconds to grab the audience’s attention and direct them towards more content that meets their interests.

Here are a few ways to utilize short form videos as a marketing strategy.

Introduce a new product:

Create a 15 second promo or teaser about a new product, especially if you have a customer base eagerly awaiting new items.  A short form video will peak their interest but also be easy for them to share on social media with their friends, earning you more viewers on your video.

Tips and tutorials:

How-to videos and short tutorials support consumers who already own or use your products and services, but also encourage people who are new to your brand and exploring product information.

Each video should focus on a single valuable tip. For example, home improvement stores can create short form videos for painting tips or how to properly install a ceiling fan.

Issue-driven videos:

Are important issues like environmentalism, education or health important components to your brand followers?  Sharing frequent short videos about these topics helps reinforce your companies dedication to causes you support, which can build and improve customer loyalty.

Cover a current event:

If something is happening in the industry or in the world at large, whether it is a community event, fundraiser, concert, etc., consider creating a short form video expressing your support or your company’s expert opinion on the subject.  Not only does this show your company’s involvement in outside causes, it will also provide another opportunity for your followers to share on social media.

Remember, implementing short form video content into your existing video marketing strategy can be extremely effective. By showcasing what your company does best in a short video, your consumers will see first-hand why they should try your brand.

Irfan is a Digital Marketer with an entrepreneurial vision. His Aim is to Help Business to Increase their Online Visibility On Google and other Search Engines. Irfan is working in this field from last 3 years and he is well aware of all recent and past Google Algorithms by which he use to write blogs on different niches likes Technology, Business, Finance and etc.

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