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Stay Connected in Uncertain Times



Stay Connected in Uncertain Times

Stay Connected in Uncertain Times

Stay Connected in Uncertain Times

Stay Connected in Uncertain Times

The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly being the surprise of the year, brought with itself many more surprises, challenges, and risks. We have faced probably the worst of days when it comes to businesses globally, we have seen fresh graduates overcoming challenges that are far beyond what they had signed up for while applying for college, but perhaps the biggest risk involved during the crisis was the risk of losing our loved ones.

While most of us shared a great bond while working at home with our loved ones, a fair share among us experienced the worst nightmare of our lives when we were stranded at the airports, or were working as healthcare professionals and had to go back to our infants at home, or perhaps just a grandchild unable to meet their grandparents quarantined in isolation at the hospital.

The pandemic gave us courage to explore the unchartered territories of hope, optimism, and most importantly it taught us which bets are worth taking a risk for. When it comes to family, technology has taken a huge leap in innovation to facilitate you to keep connected with your loved ones.

Not only have technology companies been driven to offer you solutions to stay connected with your loved ones and families with the comfort of your home but they have also offered hassle-free installation services which will save you the anxiety associated with the new solutions being offered. Installation services like First Energy NJ ensure that you can celebrate the great bond with your loved ones without dealing with the emotional baggage that is already part of our routine life this year.

Here are a few things that would help you keep connected to the ones you love in these times of distress ones while you stay at home and quarantine:

Wifi router

WiFi router is a must-have when it comes to communicating over the internet. A variety of routers can be found in online stores like First Energy NJ. You can find the one with the specifications that suit your needs. Over the years, the technological world has improved drastically when it comes to transferring data over the internet.

So whether it is talking to a family member who is in isolation or you can’t come over to your place from your college abroad, you can keep in touch with your loved ones despite being away physically. Always prefer compatible router for 2 story house so that you can Signal in every corner of the house.

Video camera

Have you ordered an online dress and finally the shipment has arrived? The outfit is perfect and you want to flaunt it to your friends? Well, a video camera is a solution for that. Most computers and cell phones come with amazing built-in web cameras. However, you could experience a wide range of web cameras available in the market. You could choose Logitech 960-001201 from the high end, or other different options like Genius Wide Cam F100 which will be lighter on your pocket.

A pair of headphones and a microphone

The quality of the voice is as important as the quality of the picture is when it comes to having a good time with your family. Poor sound quality may make an extremely funny joke sour, may keep your grandchildren uninterested while you talk, and frustrate you instead of enjoying the quality time you have. Invest in a good headset with a microphone because it seems like the pandemic is here to stay for long. You may even want to consider vlogging as a side hustle to keep you occupied during these rough times.

Video calling app

Long gone are the days where email was the only way to keep in touch with people living overseas. This age probably has one of the finest video calling apps with features that are upgraded and are still upgrading. The pandemic has pushed us toward applications that could ease our communication with our loved ones.

We are heading towards a society where we have online schools, businesses, and even parties! Want to have tea tonight with your mom while you are at college? Browse through the applications available at your fingertips. Several applications like Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts are popular. You may also want to explore online multi-player games, watch movies together, or simply just chat.

Final Thoughts

Apart from this equipment, you need care and consideration to keep up with your loved ones. The need to understand that everyone is going through a rough patch is enough to look out for people whom you care for. Be kind, aware, and take care of those around you. Remember, it is not just financial help that people require these days but warmth and emotional support. Be there for each other. For the rest? These few technical devices will take care of that.

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