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How to Start a Blog in 2020. Easy Guide on Beginning



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Blogging has been a career option for people for some years. With the digitalization of the world, blogging is termed as a full-time career option. As a beginner, everyone thinks about how to start a blog and is confused about what steps should they follow initially.

Below are mentioned some of the important steps on how to start a blog in 2020

1. Select a domain name and blog niche

Like the key is an opening to a house similar is a domain name to a blog. It is always good to get a domain that matches your purpose. Like if you trying to make a blog on tech then choose the domain in a way that is related to your blog.

Another thing is to decide on what niche you gonna start working. As you know, interest in work does matter, and choosing your interested niche will help you concentrate on your work.

2. Design your blog well

This is another important step on how to start a blog. Visitors are attracted by how well in your blog design. The proper customization of the blog is important on where to put the widgets and buttons. Also, themes play a major role in making your blog presentable.There are lots of free themes available which look great and one can surely use them.

3. Write quality blog posts

Writing quality posts is really important in order to drive traffic to your blog. Whenever we start a blog, our sole purpose is to drive traffic because that’s the way we can earn from the blog. Either in affiliate or advertisements, traffic means money and this can be done by writing a top-notch content.
Google tends to rank posts that are well optimized and so you have to do it in order to make a stand.

Also, you can add videos to your post to keep the readers interested. You can use  Kinemaster Mod Apk for editing you videos. The application has lots of features and at the same time is easy to use too.

4. Regular Posting

This is where most people fail because they cannot keep up with this quality. Regular posting is necessary because this is a way to tell google that your blog is active and you keep updating your site.
In terms of ranking, Google gives preference to the active sites so that the audience gets what they looking for. Another thing to remember here is that as no one is perfect similarly not every of your blog post has to be perfect. What more important here is to be regular and it’s one of the key factors for ranking.

5. Understanding your Readers

This is another important step in how to start a blog. Understanding your readers is important because they are the ones who are going to convert leads for you. If you wanna be a successful blogger then you must understand what your readers want from you.
The customization, design, presentation all should be in such a way that it attracts your readers more into your blog and thus drive traffic.

Wrapping Up

Thus in this article, I have shared the tips on how to start a blog. Blogging done with dedication can really give you a lifestyle you need. The scope in this field is really high and if done well can result in wonders
Thank You

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