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Frequently Asked Questions About Stance Coilovers Answered!



Stance Coilovers, Stance Coilovers FAQs

If you’re looking to invest some money in the look and handling of your drive, you won’t go far wrong if you spend that money on stance coilovers. That’s because – pound for pound – it’s an aftermarket upgrade that offers the most amount of improvement to your car’s aesthetics and the way it drives.

In this blog, we provide you with answers to some of the questions that get asked most often when it comes to coilovers. By reading to the end, we can’t promise that you’ll be an expert on the subject, but you will hopefully have a basic understanding of what coilovers offer.

Stance Coilovers Answered

Question 1 – How Exactly Do Stance Coilovers Work?

Essentially, stance coilovers are comprised of a coil with a shock absorber sitting in the middle. The Coilover sits ‘over’ the shock (hence the name) and when the wheel moves over bumps and dips in the road, it allows the spring to move up and down to ensure the car’s body stays as steady as possible whilst in motion.

Question 2 – Is Ride Quality Improved With Coilovers?

Absolutely, stance coilovers can have a profoundly positive effect on how your ride handles, as well as how comfortable your drive is. It’s one of the main reasons that so many car owners decide to invest their hard cash in a set. Not only that, but they allow you to drop your ride height, which can make your car look amazing!

Question 3 – Can Stance Coilovers Reduce Your Car’s Weight?

Ordinarily speaking, yes coilovers can reduce the weight of your car, due in part to the fact that they have smaller diameter springs than the standard OEM variety. That said, on some of the more costly coilover kits, it’s possible to have your shock tubes inverted, which can actually add weight.

Question 4 – Are Shocks Better than Coilovers or Vice Versa?

Stance coilovers are the superior option, particularly if you’re looking for increased track performance. Their adjustability is also another reason why they’re a much better option, as you can change your setup on the fly to match whatever it is that you’re doing.

Question 5 – What to look for when buying coilovers?

Regardless of the car type, quality is the first thing you must consider when buying coilovers. If you are not sure what to buy, stick to reputable and respected manufacturers. Reputable manufacturers only use quality materials, which determine how the quality of a product is.

Other than that, be sure about the spring rate. Understanding the spring rate will allow you to find the one that fits your vehicle. For instance, a low spring rate figure gives a softer ride, but more body rolling moves will happen when cornering. On the other hand, a high spring rate provides a stiff ride but better handling.

When buying coilovers, do consider upper mounts made of rubber. This type of joint allows you to have a smoother ride with a lower impact.

Stance Coilovers Offer Much to Car Owners Everywhere

Coilovers are a great option for any car owner looking to improve the style and handling aspects of their ride, however, it’s not the perfect option for everyone. If you’re looking to just lower your car, then you could save yourself some money by investing in lowering springs instead of stance coilovers. The important thing is to do your research before you part with your money!

One thing we will say before we go is that you should always look to buy from a reputable aftermarket suspension parts supplier, whichever option you choose. One such establishment is Spring rates in Jacksonville, Florida and you can learn more about them by visiting them online at After all, the quality of the product you buy is just as important as how it’s set up.

Thanks for reading to the end. We hope that our blog has provided some clarity on the subject and you’re better able to get the suspension performance you deserve.

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