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How To Speed Up Your VPN Connection



Speed Up Your VPN, VPN Connection

How To Speed Up Your VPN Connection

How To Speed Up Your VPN Connection

How To Speed Up Your VPN Connection

VPNs are popular now more than ever as people become more aware of their safety online and they realize what freedom a VPN can bring.

It’s a good way to get access to some restricted content and enjoy streaming services without any issues. Here are some more reasons why you should get it.

However, you might have some issues with speed, even with the best VPN providers.

So, how do you speed it up?

Here are some ways:

Change Your Server

This might just be one of the most common causes of speed issues. For one, you may be too far from the actual server. This means that the data has to travel far, and it can make the connection slower.

All you have to do is switch to a different server. Most providers will let you do this – you’ll have a list of locations to choose from. Try the location closest to you instead of one that’s far away. Then you can check for speed. The situation should be improved.

If you are already on the closest one, the problem might be in the network so you should try other servers – start with the second closest one and then move from there.

Sometimes it’s a problem of high demand. Test it out before you set on a single server. You can get a ton of useful info here:

Change The Protocol

VPN is a tunnel between your device and the server and because of this, it’s easy to stay away from the spies online. You won’t be giving away as much of your data and you’ll have a lot more privacy.

However, some networks prioritize performance and security while some do not. Generally, most of them use an open-source protocol that offers a balanced connection.

So, look for that kind of option instead of what you have at the moment. You can also try a PPTP protocol.

Change The Settings Of The Protocol

Speed Up Your VPN, VPN Connection

Aside from changing your VPN protocol, you can try changing the settings of your protocol. This can give you an increase in speed.

Some networks restrict the VPN traffic and these have a high level of instability because of some settings.

So, you should improve your performance by changing the default setup. For example, you might need to switch from a TCP to UDP – click here for more info on that.

Change The Software

The VPN software you have will be the one your VPN provider made available together with the default settings for the best performance.

However, this might not always be true – even if the provider had the best intentions – because those settings interfere with your device’s settings. So, you might want to try a different software so that you can get better speed of your VPN.

Try Split Tunneling

Sometimes, you may be placing too much strain on your VPN and the connection can’t deal with it.

For example, you could be using two intensive applications at the same time. The Fastest VPN Guide lists split tunneling as a solution, right next to shutting some of your bandwidth-intensive apps or websites off.

This can let you be specific about which traffic can go through the VPN and which goes through the regular connection. Sometimes, you can do inverse split tunneling which lets you decide only which traffic has to be through VPN rather than creating a list for both.

For example, if you only use your VPN for Netflix or the BBC, you’d place it in that VPN list and the rest of the traffic would go through your regular connection.

Check Your Own Internet

If you have already done all of these previous steps and you’re still having trouble with speed, maybe you should check your own internet connection. Disconnect from the VPN and then test your internet connection. If you get bad results, try restarting your modem, change your hotspot or call your internet provider.

A VPN connection is often great for many different things – namely, consuming content and being safer and more private online. However, poor speed often means that you need to change some things up or fix some settings.

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