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Six Best Ways to Monitor Your Boyfriend Android Phone



Six Best Ways to Monitor Your Boyfriend Android Phone

Six Best Ways to Monitor Your Boyfriend Android Phone

The cyber infidelity has been on the rise and it happens mostly from the male side. Boyfriends often ditched their girlfriends having more than one relationship. Obviously, when a man has more than one option better than one and other, then it would be least chances that a man does not to be unfaithful to their girl-friend. The access to the internet and having a cell phone device is the major reason for the infidelity. A man has more options than girls psychologically, because they don’t bother who he is going to meet, but girls usually have many reservations such as a person could be the stalker or sexual predator. Anyhow the ratio of infidelity in men is more than women. Therefore, if you are a girl and you have some reservations regarding your boyfriend loyalty, then don’t go far we are going to tell you six best ways to monitor your boyfriend android phone that will tell you the truth to the fullest.

  • Spy on social apps accounts

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It is obvious that if your BF is not loyal with you, then he will surely visit the instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Line, vine, Whatsapp, and plenty of others alike. Then you can use the IM’s social media app of the hidden spy app for android in order to track the social messaging apps running on your boyfriend’s cell phone.

It empowers user to track the IM’s logs chat conversations, shared media files as photos and videos and along with the VOICE Calls.

  • Listen to the surrounds

Furthermore, you have to listen to the surrounds of your boyfriend when he is not present with you and never comes on a date that you have fixed earlier. You can use MIC bug app of the android surveillance software.

It enables girlfriend to hack the MIC on the boyfriend’s Android phone to record and listen to the surround sounds from 1 minute to 15 minutes that will reveal their secret activities. However, you can listen to the surround sounds remote and in real-time by using the Android spying software spy 360 surrounds listening.

  • Track calls of your boyfriends

The very second thing is to track live calls of your boyfriends incoming and outgoing, this will tells you the reality. Either your boyfriends is loyal to you are not and or you just living in your dreams only. You can remotely and live record and listen to the live calls of your boyfriend cell phone of Android by using the secret call recorder of the android monitoring spyware. At end of the day, you will get to know why your BF cell phone was busy and what the truth is.

  • Spy on text messages on android phone

Girlfriends often notices when the boyfriend seems busy on the text messages within your presence and it really burn you a lot. Obviously, a possessive person would do this about whom she loves to the fullest. It really effects to the psyche of a girl that having with their BF they don’t feel the spark from their partner. Android surveillance app enables a girl to know the hidden reality by using the text messages spy of the android tracking app. It empowers you to spy on text messages and as well as iMessages, SMS, MMS, BMM chat messages and heads up tickers notification.

  • Track cell phone screen activities

This activity of android monitoring will really make the difference and you will be clearly having a proof either your BF is a TRUE lover or just pretending that he loves you a lot. You can view the screen activities of your BF android cell phone with the help of live screen sharing. A user can use spy 360 live screen sharing of the Android spying app. It enables you to share the cell phone screen of Android into the Android online control panel and you will get to know the activities happen on your target cell phone.

  • Track GPS location view surrounds

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You can track the GPS location of your BF especially when you think he is lying about his location. You can use GPS location tracker and get to know the pinpoint GPS location of your BF.


Use Android monitoring software on your BF cell phone of Android and then put your worries to rest and keep tracking your boyfriend to prevent to be cheated.

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