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Simple and Unique Japanese Cosplay Costume Idea You Can Wear



Japanese style is outstanding and some people are trying to imitate it. Nowadays, Japanese style lovers can easily find their favorite clothes to perform just like what they want. Sofyee is one of the reputable online stores that offer a variety of Japanese clothing styles. Those clothing styles are inspired by anime and any kind of cool idea. Let’s take a look at the collections you can wear.


One of the best products you can choose is Kawaii lingerie. It is a cool Japanese fashion style inspired by anime. You can find the cool lingeries on some popular animes and wear them in reality. The product will make you look interesting and sexy. Some of the products are also used for anime cosplay shows. For example, you can use the lingerie to be a Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is one of the Japanese heroes that look beautiful and sexy along with attracting lingerie. The characters are wearing different lingerie colors including red, orange, blue, and yellow.

Maid Costume

Japanese maid costume style is a little bit different than the others. Despite the simple design, the Japanese maid costume shows a sense of sexy and cute. One of the examples is the Kawaii cat Neko Astume Kitty maid dress. The product is made in two color combinations, black and white. There is a heart design in the middle of the chest. This dress will make you look sexy and cute, especially when you are joining a cosplay event. The material is made of high-quality polyester, cotton, and spandex to boost its comfort. The dress is offered in four different sizes which are Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. It also fits with girls with AA, A, or B cup sizes.

School Girl Uniform

Some of you may want to be a Japanese student just like what you see in anime. If it is so, you can just wear the uniform. The Japanese schoolgirl uniform is also one of the most popular cosplay costumes. The design is similar to a sailor uniform in which in Japanese cosplay, the schoolgirl uniform is designed more sexier and more attracting. The design is the same with the uniform in the Sailor Moon anime along with a particular modification, especially on the color variation.

Fruity Look Clothing Style

For a more attracting and out of the box clothing style, you can try a fruity clothing style. Just like the name, the clothes are designed with fruity elements. Let say, you can wear a new Harajuku skirt with strawberry ornament on it. There are also products with pastel color and it looks fresh and colorful to wear. Besides strawberry ornament, you can also wear some products with avocado, lemon, watermelon, prune, or mangosteen. The size is also various and it depends on the product. You can get a Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2Extra Large, and even 3Extra Large.

Japanese Pop Look Clothing Style

For those who are fascinated with Japanese pop style, you can just buy some of the products and mix and match them. The design and ornaments show that the products are representing Japanese style. The oversized hoodie is one of the most famous products and it looks cool with the addition of falling sakura, swan, deer, and many more. The products are suitable enough for Hip Hop singers or rappers. The style seems to represent the Japanese young generation that is free, creative, and attractive.


Onesies are not only for babies but also for adults. You can also wear adult onesies in a cosplay event. If you want to find your favorite onesies, whether for baby or adult just visit Youngkiu. The designs are various such as Pikachu, unicorn, bear, cow, dragon, owl, and many more. You may choose based on your favorite animal. If it is necessary, you can come to the cosplay event with your baby and both of you wear the same onesies model.

Japanese lovers don’t need to get confused with the cloth to wear to attend a cosplay event. Just check the list above and take one of them. Just be one of the coolest cosplayers in the event. You may come with your beloved kids and wear the same cosplay costume to attract people there.

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