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Simple Tips and Tricks for Your MacBook



Mac tricks

Hello Mac users, I bet you didn’t know that there are lots of things that you can get to do with your Mac. It’s important for Mac users to begin exploring their device to find out what these things are. One cool thing about using a Mac is that it does not require 3rd party programs for you to carry out basic tasks. Its native software can allow you to do just about anything. In this blog, I will be exposing to you just a few things that you could do with your mac device and here they are:

Place restrictions on the activities of others

Your OS X comes with very simplified parental controls but, also, has numerous options which you could use to perform other actions other than restricting access for your underage kids. It is possible for you to set limits on how long the computer will be used each day and you can set the bedtime when users will be unable to make use of your computer. Then again, you can limit Finder functions, as well as, apps which can be used by another user.

Delete browsing history on Mac

In times past, when you wished to clear search history in Safari, you would have to simply delete everything. However, in recent times, in order for you to delete your website data, as well as, the history, can simply cover your tracks as you can get to clear search history from specific time intervals which could be the past hour, yesterday, since the beginning of time, and more. Check out to discover how best to clear search history on Mac.

Interact with your Mac

In times past, before 2016, you could use Dictation to talk to your Mac and have it talk back to you impressively. Well, with the arrival of Siri, this experience has been taken to a whole new level. All you need to do is press your Command button + Space for some time or click your Menu Bar button and you can get to interact with Siri.

Siri has become even better!

Asides from the regular questions which you can get to ask with regards to the weather or about certain games, on High Sierra, you can get Siri to toggle some Mac Functions such as your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, extract saved files and more depending on what your exact instructions are. You can get Siri to get apps launched or get them closed as the results originating from any queries that you make can be stored by Siri inside your Mac’s notifications space to be used later.

Run Windows

Of course, there is no Mac fan out there who really wishes to run Windows. However, the truth remains that there are times when it could be necessary in order to carry out certain actions like hooking up with the most recent games. Also, there are times when you may want to run particular software which does not have a Mac equivalent. You can make use of virtualization apps to run Windows alongside your macOS or get your hard drive partitioned in order to get Windows installed so that you can run it directly on the hardware with the use of Boot Camp Assistant.

Sharing made easier

You can get to share things with your contacts, as well as, your friends in OS X, including macOS by using the share button which resembles an arrow exiting a box. One cool thing is that your Mac records info about who you mostly get to share with.

Therefore, for users who love to share links with specific friends most of the time, you will find these options stuck right below your share menu. This will help you to easily pick these frequently used options the very next time that you intend to share.

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