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How to Select the Best Digital Marketing Agency?



How to Select the Best Digital Marketing Agency

How to Select the Best Digital Marketing Agency?

Do you find anyone going for traditional marketing? There might be very few who aren’t aware of the younger, sleeker and highly targeted method of marketing. Today, Internet is one of the biggest things in the world that has completely changed the human life. Earlier you used to send letters to convey messages which required a lot of time to reach the destination. Also, you needed to go to the shops for buying anything you wanted. But now, you just sit comfortably at your place, go online and buy whatever you want to. Due to this new way of life has given rise to a new form of marketing that is purely designed for this digital age.

Digital marketing plays a vital role in any startup business that is finding customers by itself and also in large companies that want to retain their existing clients and get the new ones.

Hence, digital marketing is very important for growing the potential client base for any company. Picking the perfect digital marketing firm for your business is very difficult in today’s overcrowded market. This is because just one keyword search such as “best digital marketing agency” will give your several options and you might get confused about whom to select for this important task. So, this article will help you to take the decision more easily.

Tips to Select the Best Digital Marketing Agency

Background Research Of The Company:

Don’t just judge the company by looking at its home page, instead dig deep into all its pages. This will help you learn about the company’s work and the results it delivers to its customers. Remember to check their reviews as those will help you to take the decision easily.

You can also check their Google rankings that come up as you search for that company in the browser. You can also check for their review articles or pros and cons of the company as per other people via their content or reviews. You might require lot of time for digging into the company’s profile but it’s good for your business because you will get a complete view of the company. You will get to know the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, their working culture, quality of work, etc. via the research.

Explain Your Marketing Needs and Expectations

What do you expect – lead generation or just branding? High conversion rates or simply spreading the company’s or product’s awareness? Ask these questions to yourself prior to starting your search for the digital marketing agency. There are digital marketing agencies that specialize in different areas of marketing. Make sure you don’t hire a digital marketing agency that primarily looks after blogging as it would result in a disaster, if you are looking for branding.

You also need to decide on the time and resources that you want to spend into digital marketing. If a company launches a new type of product, it may have to spend on advertising sites such as Google and Bing. Or if a cafe is launching a new drink, it should focus on social media marketing services as it would prove more beneficial.

Therefore, it’s very important to first understand the services your company requires while selecting the right digital marketing agency.

Does the Agency Understand Your Requirements?

Find Out if they are Trustworthy: Visit their website and check the navigation and design of their website. If you feel it easy to navigate and also their design seems to be attractive, you can go with them. If they have displayed their clients’ testimonials on their website, you can contact them to find out more about their experience with the agency. In case, the agency is new and has no clients yet, don’t remove them from your list because a completely new agency can help you with fresh ideas that you won’t get from the popular ones.

Asking for Complete Transparency: Ensure that the digital marketing agency isn’t luring you with hidden charges. The agency should be completely transparent to you in terms of prices and their work. If the agency shares with you the ideas or the place of their marketing then you can surely go with them.

Determine the Primary Strength of the Agency

Consider a firm that will specialize in complete digital marketing firm. It would be a bit hard to find such an agency but it would be worth. This is because you will be able to build your brand in a faster way. Many agencies do offer services such as link building, professional SEO services, Social Media Marketing, content development, etc.

My Recommendation: Rankraft

Rankraft is the popular digital marketing agency located in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. The company aims at offering the best digital marketing solutions to their clients by understanding their requirements keenly and meeting them. Their team knows the complete working of the search robots and how one can get the benefits from them. They are not only talented and well-experienced but also help you to build your brand and grow your business globally.

best digital marketing agency They basically work on the four core values as below:

  • Integrity: Rankraft team follows the value of honesty. So, they make true and accurate commitments and also, see to it that there are no conflicts between them and their clients.
  • Building Relations: They understand that building a strong relationship in very important rather than building a strong empire. So, they don’t just focus on bringing clicks and impressions but also, focus on offering their best via their work.
  • At Your Service: Once they complete your project, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contact them. You can contact them for any help you require for your projects. Their experts are always ready to solve your problems.
  • Transparency: Customers can ask for the work the agency are doing for building their brand. So, Rankraft’s team forwards all the metrics to the clients and also waits for their response.

best digital marketing agency

Rankraft Services

Rankraft offers the below services:

best digital marketing agency

SEO Services:

  • Professional SEO
  • Website SEO Audit
  • On-Page SEO
  • Link Building


  • Social Media
  • Paid Ad Campaign
  • Email Marketing


  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing

Web Analytics:

  • Heatmap Tool
  • Google Analytics

URL Shortner:

  • HiiFyi Shortner

The Working of Rankraft

Know About You: The Rankraft team discusses with you about your niche, vision, mission and the ways you want to create the brand strategy.

Understanding: They will discuss your plan among themselves and then share the points related to and creative plans for your business with you.

Brainstorming: After you approve the plan, the team will do a research and brainstorming for your project. Also, the team will have a strong plan that will prove to be fruitful and also help your business to perform in a better way.

Campaigns and KPI’s: When all the materials get collected, they will plan some campaigns and its strategy. Then they will decide on the things needed to do during the campaign which will make their working smooth.

Some KPIs of your business will also be decided for grabbing the attention of the interested audience at you.

Screening: The team will share with you the complete rough work and also ask you about your suggestions for adding or removing the ideas.

Confirmation from the client: After screening, they will wait for your positive signal. You can share your feedback too.

Content finalization and scheduling: They will give the final tough to the rough work for making it trustworthy and professional. Also, the content publishing time and date will be scheduled by their team members.

Campaign Execution: After the content is scheduled, they execute the campaign for creating a buzz about your business. You as a client will be able to check if the execution of work is being done correctly.

Analyzing and Reporting: The analysis of the campaign’s working is done after few months and the results will be measured. You will get a complete report of the campaign’s performance.

Final Words

After going through this article, you won’t find it difficult to select the best digital marketing agency for your business. But don’t miss to check Rankraft too as they offer everything you require and also keep transparency with their clients. Finally, select Rankraft as your digital marketing partner and grow your business smoothly.


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