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Security Ninja Review – All in One Security Solution for your WordPress Blog



Security Ninja Review - All in One Security Solution for your Wordpress Blog

Security Ninja Review – All in One Security Solution for your WordPress Blog

Security Ninja Review - All in One Security Solution for your WordPress Blog

Security Ninja Review – All in One Security Solution for your WordPress Blog

WordPress had made it easy for the webmasters to run their websites seamlessly. More than 30% of the websites are run by the WordPress content management system. This tremendous popularity is the reason why the attackers target the WordPress blogs and websites. Majority of the webmasters ignore the fact that their websites are prone to security attacks. Over 30,000 websites are being hacked every day! So, the protection and security if WordPress websites are very crucial. There are tons of plugins in the WordPress directory and other third-party websites which claim to provide the best security for the WordPress websites. But if you are searching for a reliable, no-nonsense security plugin for your WordPress blog, I would recommend you to check out Security Ninja.

Security Ninja plugin provides a Ninja-like protection to your WordPress blog. Whether you have a small blog or giant website, Security Ninja enhances the security in an amazing way. Let’s see some of the features in Security Ninja which made it the best security plugin for WordPress.

Best features of Security Ninja

  • Conducts around 40 security tests and takes all the preventive measures to avoid security attacks.
  • Provides the extensive reports for all the security tests.
  • Performs security checks every day to find out any security loopholes and vulnerabilities.
  • Effectively blocks the script kiddies from hacking your site.
  • Many code snippets are included for super quick fixes.
  • Blocks all kinds of 0-day exploit security attacks.
  • Runs brute force attacks to examine the strength of the passwords for user accounts.
  • Protects the server from Shellshock bug #7169 and #6271
  • It is extremely easy to manage. All the functions of Security Ninja can be managed from a single dashboard.
  • Security Ninja installation is very simple and it works on all kinds of themes effortlessly.
  • The best part is Security Ninja is available for free!

The pro version of Security Ninja takes the WordPress security to a whole new level. You get 6 additional modules in the Pro version.

Here are the 6 modules of Security Ninja Pro which assures complete security for your WordPress website.

Core Scanner

It scans all the core WordPress files with just one click. If it finds any corrupted files, it restores them with the modified files. It fixes the files which are edited accidentally. It removes the exploits if any. Overall, it takes a very close look at your source files and fixes the problematic files.

Malware Scanner

It runs a powerful scanning algorithm to check all the files in the wp-content folder. It checks for suspicious or malware code in your plugins, themes, uploaded files, WP options etc. It performs over 20 tests on each and every file in the wp-content folder. It also whitelists the files which are safe and helps you to delete the files which are corrupted.

Auto Fixer

As the name suggests, this module automatically fixes over 30 issues with a single click. It is super useful for the beginners who are not comfortable with coding or other technical issues. It also creates an automatic backup and performs various other activities on behalf of you. You need not spend hours on modifying the PHP code with the help of Auto Fixer module.

Cloud Firewall

It keeps an eye on bad guys and blocks them even before they enter your site. It blocks more than 600 million IPs which the bad guys use to attack the websites. It protects the WordPress login form from all kinds of brute-force attacks. If the user fails to log in after the multiple attempts he’ll get banned forever. Don’t worry if you are locked out. They’ll email you a secret link for access during the setup process.

Events Logger

It logs all the events. It helps you to know what happened at a particular time in a detailed way. Event logger filters help you to narrow down the events. It logs, tracks and monitors over 50 events. It logs events for comments, media, menus, settings, users, taxonomies, posts, file editor etc.

Database Optimizer

WordPress databases are prone to garbage data accumulation which slows down your site. They occupy lots of space unnecessarily which may increase the hosting expenses. Database Optimizer module removes the useless data which is slowing down your website. It makes your site faster by optimizing the database with just a single click.

Scheduled Scanner

It assures you peace of mind with regular email reports regarding the security status of your website. It runs automated scans and alerts you when there is a security issue or when someone is trying to hack your website. You’ll get a detailed scan log and reports after every scan in your email.

Wrapping up

All the above modules are user-friendly with an intuitive graphical user interface. Even, the free version of Security Ninja works like a charm. But if you are someone who’s not willing to compromise on the security aspect of your website, I strongly recommend you to give Security Ninja PRO a try! It’s easy to setup and there is an active support forum in case you need any help.

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