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My review of Content Studio



content Studio

My review of Content Studio

First of all, what is this program for?

Social media posting
Web 2.0 posting
Posting to WordPress sites
Content Research
Content Marketing

One of the time-consuming parts of an online business is doing Social media you may be wondering why well consider this you have say the following social channels for each site of Facebook page,Twitter,Youtube,Pinterest,Linkedin in total you run 10 places you would then have total of 41 since accounts for each site except facebook meaning you would need to log into 41 times which can be very long process if you are doing by yourself or having to pay someone to do this each day for you which is where this program proves to have fantastic process improvements since you can log in once using your details then not have to log again unless you change your password even if you did it does not take long to update the settings around 10 seconds to complete this.

Once you have your social channels added to your account all you do is click on the Publish tab, and you will now see the tab composer and planner and automation we will work of the composer part of it, for now, you will see in the center post social media post and Blog post lets slick social media post.

We leave it as it is for job now meaning it will post as soon as you finish the rest of the settings you will see schedule saying you can decide what time and date it will go onto your accounts at meaning you could set up all your things in advance like do all your shares set up once a week say every Monday it will take care of it all for you just change it to the right time and date you need for this.

You can add it to the queue meaning you can go back to when to use it later on or put it into draft so you can make changes or improvements to it later on.

Would you like to repeat the post?

What is the point of this you maybe wondering well the reason behind this say you done a post which you thought was a really good one you should repeat the post one month from now to make your social channels look like you are sharing fresh content so if anyone never read it the first time they maybe go back and read it again and you could use it for all your posts or just some of them and also if you were say doing post Facebook advertising to promote your posts if you found one done very well for you should reshare that one for free to compare the results of free vs paid through Facebook .

To pick which sites you want to share your content just click the pictures of each of your accounts such as your Facebook page to allow that places to get posted to if you wish to all simply click select all to do that but make sure if you are including Pinterest and Instagram you have an image for it if not it will not work for them.


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