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How To Reset WordPress Database To Default?



How To Reset WordPress Database To Default

How To Reset WordPress Database To Default?

How To Reset WordPress Database To Default

How To Reset WordPress Database To Default

So you have been using WordPress for quite some time now and wished to reset the database to default. If you are wondering how to do it, you have come to the right page!

This page will answer the following questions which you have:

  1. What is WordPress?
  2. What is a plugin?
  3. Why is WordPress so popular?
  4. Is resetting the WordPress database to default easier than reinstalling WordPress?
  5. Why would you reset WordPress database to default?
  6. How to reset WordPress database to default?
  7. What is a theme?
  8. How to reset the WordPress Database using Upfront Theme?

Here is a step by step guide to reset the WordPress database settings to default!

If you have been using WordPress, you would know what a plugin is. If you are not exactly sure about what WordPress or a plugin is, let me throw some light to make your job simpler.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system. It initially started off as a blogging platform, just like BlogSpot and the likes. Today, in addition to blogging it is also used to host and run powerful websites. WordPress has both free and paid versions. It has different versions such as and with slight subtle differences between the software.

What is a WordPress plugin?

WordPress plugins are like apps that can be downloaded as add-ons to increase certain functionalities of the WordPress software. WordPress Plugins are essential tools which help create a better website. These plugins come with the free plan, and there are certain plugins which can be purchased at an additional cost, for e.g. WP AMP Ninja. There are various plugins for different kinds of functions. Several plugins are used in making the WordPress app an onsite store, to create job boards, to start a new podcast site depending on the different requirements of the user. There are plugins to check the SEO or search engine optimization, to add contact forms in WordPress.

Why is WordPress so popular?

WordPress is extremely easy to use and learn. It has a great user interface which is interactive, and there are tons of sites on the world wide web which teach you how to proceed to create a blog using WordPress.

Now, certain people use the WordPress blogs or sites for testing and need to restore factory settings. Most people are unaware and go through the process of uninstalling or re-installing or creating multiple accounts. Both these steps are tedious and cumbersome. It is not easy to handle multiple accounts. Instead, the ‘Reset WordPress Database’ plugin can be used to make life simple.

A word of caution before you use this option. You must be sure that you want to delete the complete database to default settings. Otherwise, it will erase all available information. This includes the different blog posts, comments, likes, different users, everything. It would delete all customization as well as content. Hence this is not advised to try on live sites. Also, even if you do not find time to update your site on a regular basis, good content has a huge shelf-life. And this data can also keep the site up and run without much ado from your side. Another word of wisdom is not to try this plugin when multiple sites are installed and linked.

WordPress Database Reset is a plugin which is free to download. It is available in the Plugin Directory. Once this plugin is used, it wipes out all content of the blog, and one is left with how a new install of WordPress looks. To get started, download the plugin, install the same and Activate it. This procedure will add a new item to the admin sidebar menu.

Follow the below steps to wipe the database to default settings using WordPress plugin.

Reset WordPress Database to Default

These ten steps will make your WordPress Dashboard brand new again

Step 1: Go to Tools.

Step 2: Go to Database Reset

Step 3: Select the database tables you would like to select. Click ‘Select All’ to completely reset your site.

Step 4: Enter the security code mentioned in the given text box.

Step 5: Click on Reset Tables.

Step 6: The plugin will display a prompt to ask you if you are sure you wish to continue.

Step 7: Think once more if you are sure you will delete the content.

Step 8: Click ‘OK’ to continue. (You have an option to Cancel at this stage).

Step 9: You will be returned to the brand new WordPress Dashboard.

Step 10: Start afresh and generate the content of your choice!

There is an option of ‘Reactivate Plugins’ after the database is deleted. You can check that option if you want to save time by installing the various plugins again.

How to Reset WordPress to default settings using Upfront Theme?

So what is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is a template or a design which determines the layout of the front-end of your blog. The front end styling such as the color, font style, widget position, page design is determined by the theme. The theme can be changed to make alterations to the layout without causing any changes to the basic content and underlying software. It is a framework used to structure your blog or website. WordPress hosts thousands of free themes. There are paid versions as well. A user who has a slight knowledge of coding can also alter the code to make some changes to the WordPress theme or layout.

Upfront is one such theme which can be obtained for free. Using the Upfront Theme, you can reset the changes of an individual page or the entire blog/site in seconds by clicking on a button. Remember, changes once lost cannot be retrieved. But this is extremely useful if you are experimenting with a particular page and do not like the design – you can use the reset button to erase the changes.

Steps to reset to default theme using Upfront

Step 1: Go to the General Settings Page

Step 2: Click on the red button with the ‘Reset Theme’ written on it

Step 3: Reset the Upfront Cache area if required

Sounds easy? It is as simple as it gets. Now that you know what WordPress is, what is a theme and how plugins can be useful, you have plenty of options to let your creative juices take over and try out innumerable combinations! WordPress has plenty of free themes and plugins which are easy to use – make a bee for it! And if you do not like it, you can follow the steps in the given order to have a brand new WordPress site ready for you to make changes of your choice! Happy editing! Do revert to us in case you have any questions or wish to know how to use a particular feature in WordPress and the team will be happy to help you. Cheers!

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