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Why Quick book integration for POS is important?



Quick book integration

Why Quick book integration for POS is important?

Quickbooks are known for offering quality accounting software, how good are they in offering POS services to the retailers? Owners are at the way of finding the answer before considering one for the business. Integration of POS with the Quickbooks software makes it special among on the other class of POS available for the business in the given price range.

Though the installation of POS has become quite imperative to run a successful business, it has become a price concern for the small business organizations. At this juncture, Quickbooks has rolled up a double benefit software with a suite of tools that create enterprise solution rather than just a cash register.

This POS software provides seamless integration with Quickbooks software providing many additional features like managing customer credit accounts, inventory management, tracking employee hours and commissions along with other basic features of POS like contact information of the customer, handling sales and shipping and much more.

Quick book integration

Quick book integration

Who should buy this?

The software is designed to meet the needs of small and midsized businesses who are into retail businesses.  The software is embedded with features like employee tracking,  inventory tracking, barcode scanner works well with the retail businesses.  The best part of the software is its ability to handle and integrate sales and inventory across multiple locations.  With the Quickbook POS ( in place, you can effectively integrate sales and inventory across 20  branches seamlessly.  Though the price of the software leaps to the expensive side when compared other POS alternatives that work as pay as you use basis, it is a one-time investment that leaves you plenty features that makes your business run on the successful path.

Reasons to consider QuickBooks POS for your business

User-friendly software

Quickbooks is popular for bookkeeping. With many users already using the software for booking, using the software with additional POS feature after integration is a child play. With most of the prompts available on the dashboard, even a novice user can adapt to the new POS software with minimal training.

Keep track of every customer

You know how important is customer information to the business irrespective of its size. When the database is large, the POS helps in a great way in selecting the existing customer or adding a new customer. This feature of POS makes sales, returns, exchanges easy. You can easily create customized discounts for the customers based on their buying pattern.  You can easily create a customer reward program if you want to create a loyalty program. The software asks your permission to apply earned rewards if any to the purchase made.

Inventory management

QuickBooksPOS is an important time-saving asset in your business for its effective inventory management capability. Each time a sale or return is conducted in the business,  the inventory is adjusted accordingly. You will get alters for low stock products and hot selling one that helps you take an informed decision on inventory purchase.

Automated purchase order management

With information tracked from the inventory management,  the QuickbooksPOS software creates an automated purchase order for you. You can make the necessary edits and customize the order before you send it to the vendor.

Run a large  variety  of  reports

The software is known to produce multiple reports based on various functionalities like inventory management, sales, customer purchases, employee tracking and much more. You can customize the type and frequency of the reports you receive to make informed business decisions.

Makes bookkeeping  easier

As Quickbooks is an accounting software integrated with POS, it eliminates the problem of double entries.  You just have to schedule the synchronization of information, be it weekly or monthly and your job is done.

Customize POS Quickbook

The software gives you control over reports, inventory tracking and how you ring up your sales.  You can choose to build a simple or complex program based on your needs. You can also choose the time to sync the data. You can also restrict accesses to certain features of the POS to few employees if needed.  This assures great security and privacy for your information.



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