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Protect your Business from Online Attacks



Protect your business from online attacks

The online reputation of a company can make or break it where the public perception rules all in the digital landscape. A bad review on an unverified consumer reporting site from a customer or ex-employee can quickly go viral, hurting the company. While there are a number of legal routes in extreme circumstances, there are strategies businesses and their employees can take to protect against online defamation, negative reviews and even personal attacks.

Many online forums have become popular in recent years designed to allow consumers the ability to share bad experiences with companies. While transparency is important to a healthy business to consumer relationship, many of these sites are unverified and have even faced lawsuits as a result of their business model. is one such site which allows users to post unvetted complaints about companies. The Ripoff Report scam disguises itself as a service designed to out scammers ironically.

In the forum of public opinion, people tend to focus on the negative and are always quicker to condemn regardless of context in a situation. Whether with or without merit, poor ratings through comments or spamming can harm your business’ reputation. Before reasonable doubt can be established, the public will have already made up its mind. In the event that your business is affected by a viral negative review or a fraudulent accusation, it’s important to be proactive and protect your online reputation before your company suffers a PR incident.

After taking action to remove meritless negative content, it’s always a good idea to protect from further problems. Establishing an online presence in order to engage with your client-base is a must in the modern business world.  Encourage your customers to share their experiences on social media and your website and use it to grow a positive reputation. When a bad review comes in, respond to it promptly while attempting to solve their issue. In the case of a meritless or even libelous comment, offer examples of your company policies and examples of your satisfied customer base. While not every attempt to dis-credit a business is obvious, a good response strategy will go a long way in preventing a smear campaign from gaining ground.

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