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Promoting Your Next Mom Blog Through ConnectPal: How to Do It



Promoting Your Next Mom Blog Through ConnectPal: How to Do It

Promoting Your Next Mom Blog Through ConnectPal: How to Do It

Promoting Your Next Mom Blog Through ConnectPal: How to Do It

Promoting Your Next Mom Blog Through ConnectPal: How to Do It

With childcare costs on the rise, many moms are faced with the difficult decision to leave their full-time jobs behind in order to stay at home with their kids.  There are many factors that lead to this choice, and one of them is determining how to supplement the family’s income. This can mean taking a part-time job outside of the home, providing childcare to another family, or joining one of many multi-level marketing companies.  Another option is to start your own blog centered around “mom” life.


Skeptics would argue there are already thousands of mommy blogs flooding the internet.  While this is true, there is still plenty of earning potential in blogging, as long as you’re willing to put the time and effort into growing it.  By following these simple guidelines, you can create your own blog and start earning money in no time!

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Figure Out a Niche

What are you passionate about?  Do you love cooking, baking or crafting?  Are you a travel bug who takes your kids around the globe on exciting trips?  Look at your hobbies and determine what you enjoy, then write about it.  It will give you a strong foundation for your content.  Finding a niche will help you grow your blog and your followers quickly.


Research other Blogs

Now that you have the idea, you’ll need to research other mommy blogs and find out if you have a viable niche.  One easy way to do this is utilizing the search function on your social media account by typing in a keyword that supports your blog.  If there are a lot of questions surrounding that topic, you may have a winner.

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Choose a Name

What are you going to name your blog?  This is where creativity comes into play.  A simple rule to follow is including your niche somewhere in the website’s name.  Make sure to have a couple of names ready in case the website is already taken and keep the name simple, short and easy to spell.  Relate it to your overall brand.


Choose a Social/Blogging Platform

This is the key step in determining your earning potential.  While traditional routes typically include setting up a WordPress page or gaining enough followers that send advertisers to your page, these avenues tend to fail more than they succeed when starting out in the blogging world.  Using services like ConnectPal provides a specific and well-laid out platform where the site is easy to navigate and the interface is user friendly and inviting.  ConnectPal offers a social marketplace where monthly subscriptions are purchased to various creator’s channels and profiles, thereby creating access to new content and the individuals who make it. Further, ConnectPal was created to specifically fulfill a growing demand for a dedicated content monetization website.   ConnectPal allows bloggers to earn a living off their work, and they take care of all the billing and credit card processing for you.


Now get to creating that blog!









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