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Why POS systems is necessary for business these days



Why POS systems is necessary for business these days

Why POS systems is necessary for business these days

Why POS systems is necessary for business these days

Why POS systems is necessary for business these daysWhy POS systems is necessary for business these days

Within the retail and hospitality sector, point of sale software, or POS systems, is increasingly being discussed. A term that is often confused with a cash register system, but a POS system is much more than that. Not in the least because it offers the possibility to link multiple systems together.

Literally, point of sale refers to the place where the sale takes place, but in practice it is usually the place around the cash register or counter where the transaction takes place. To avoid confusion, it is therefore also called point of purchase.

What exactly is a POS system?

Where a cash register is purely intended to pay, a POS system also shows stock information, sales statistics and customer data. And of course you can also pay with it. This can be done either in cash or with a debit card, credit card or possibly a later payment . In summary, you can therefore view a POS solution as a cash register with an integrated CRM system , marketing tools, inventory management and reporting options.

POS systems are not new. The first solutions were already on the market in the 1990s. These solutions worked with a local server, but today’s POS systems run in the cloud and are operated from an iPad or other portable devices. The big advantage of this is that everything is accessible online and is also stored and synchronized. Moreover, modern checkout systems can be programmed in such a way that they fit your needs.

In most cases, a modern point of sale solution consists of an iPad with POS software, a receipt printer, a barcode scanner and a pin device. The flexibility that goes with this often offers great added value. Because if you go to a trade fair or want to sell products on a market or in your own pop-up store , all you need is an internet connection to get started.

Providers of POS systems:

There are various providers active in this market. Pay careful attention to the approach of each party. For example, a solution from a party that also makes accounting software will be strongly focused on the (integration with) the administration. A POS system from Lightspeed will work seamlessly together with the catering and web shop software. Each solution has its own approach and it is advisable to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each system in advance.

Some providers at a glance:


Lightspeed offers POS systems for retailers and catering entrepreneurs, and webshop software for ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world. Our clients grow their business on average by 20% in the first year. Test our products for free, without obligations.

You can read lightspeed pos review here.


The rapid development of technology and customer preferences requires that entrepreneurs remain alert and always have to work smarter and more efficiently. BizzCloud helps and: – Is flexible & scalable, grows with you – Offers industry specific solutions – Connects with other popular software – Economical, complete and easy to use.


MplusKASSA is the most user-friendly and flexible cash register software in the market. You choose and pay for the functionalities you need, so you never pay too much. Because MplusKASSA is sold by certified cashier dealers, there is always a specialist in your area who can help you.

Possibilities of POS systems

Despite the fact that every internet cash register is aimed at realizing the checkout, there are big differences. One of the biggest advantages of a good POS system is that your client-specific information is quickly available through the integration or connection with the CRM system. This makes it possible to link the transaction history of your customers to their customer data. This not only gives you insight into the products that your customers purchase, you can also send them specific recommendations and actions based on their previous purchases.

If you have made price agreements with certain customers or do you want to offer them the possibility to pay on account, you can easily arrange and apply this with a point of sale system. When you enter the name of these customers, they are automatically recognized by the system. This way you can apply the discount you have set immediately. Do you have employees and do you want to give them different rights? With a POS system you can decide for yourself who, for example, gains access to the entire administration and who can give discounts. You can also keep track of the hours worked and the sales of your employees via this automated cash register system.

Manage inventory management better with the aid of a POS system

Another big plus is that the stock is always right. The cash register software can be linked to the stock system. This is especially useful when you have both a webshop and a physical store or pop-up store. The point of sale system keeps all information up-to-date and ensures that the orders, wherever they come from, are processed directly in the system. This way you prevent a customer from placing an order for items that have just been sold for that purpose. A point of sale solution is also a solution for retailers with multiple branches.

In addition, there are POS systems that can show exactly in an overview how many units of a certain item are sold today, last week or in a whole year. This detailed information about sales also makes it easier to buy. Within one system you can see what the inventory is and whether there are any sales trends. You can also set up the cash register software so that it tells you when a certain stock is about to run out. When you use the POS system conveniently, it can significantly reduce the time you spend on inventory management and the calculation of sales figures. Furthermore, you can considerably simplify the return process with the aid of a good POS system. You can design the process in such a way that at the moment a customer returns something the item is immediately added to the stock.

Which POS solution should I choose?

As an entrepreneur you are naturally looking for an affordable solution that optimally fits your business and services. The possibilities offered by the POS systems can vary considerably. The same applies to the costs. In order to determine which system is the best choice, it is useful to take into account the following factors: the functionalities, the ease of use, the reliability and the flexibility of the system. Some POS systems have also been specially designed for retail while other solutions fit better with the catering industry.

Whatever variant it becomes, when purchasing a POS solution it is important that the system complies with the legal provisions of the Tax Authorities, so that you are sure that you will not be surprised during a tax check. For example, the Tax Authorities find it important that when changes take place afterwards, it is clear who has changed this. The agency also wants to be able to see when this has happened. Checkout systems that have been approved by the Tax Authorities can be recognized by the Certification Trust Trust System.

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