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Nokia’s hardware comeback with a Ozo the Virtual reality camera.



Nokia ozo Virtual reality camera

Nokia’s hardware comeback with a Ozo the Virtual reality camera.



Nokia ozo Virtual reality camera

Nokia ozo Virtual reality camer

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Nokia company which was gone nearly extinct in the market after selling its handset business to Microsoft. According to the rumor report, Nokia is taking a comeback with their Android phones in 2016 but it takes a comeback with a Virtual Reality Camera Ozo.



Nokia ozo

Nokia ozo Virtual reality camera

It seems that their interest has been shift from mobile manufacturing to the other hardware products in the market.Nokia been the biggest and best country in the handset manufacturing of early times have a good reputation in the market and because of his phone he has a good status in the market as well as a consumer too have the faith in this company.

The Ozo was announced in july which is a Virtual Reality camera for film and media professional person it shall be the great device for them in their field as it is a comeback of Nokia we and the people are accepting much more from it.It is a silver spherical that have some wags bumped out a little bit,it resembles like the light Saber in the Star Wars.
This device has 8 bump pointed out that is each bump is a camera which has the capability of capturing 2k videos and also has the capabilities to record the 3d images at a sound 360 degree, to be outputted by the Ozo VR systems.

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This is not the Nokia company first company hardware launch after the sell of the Nokia’s handset company. Foxconn makes and sells the Nokia N1 tablet under license,and they are expected to follow the similiar model but this product was manufactured by Foxconn and it is the first product after sell which is been manufacturing by nokia.

Nokia Teckfly

Nokia Teckfly

As it does’nt seem like the new kit for the company but look little harder and we’ll be seeing Ozo’s root go back a long way.Nokia’s research centre has been working on the field of video coding,audio quality and imaging for some time.It also using hardware manufacturing to build Ozo close to home.It will be developed in the company native company that is in his homeland in Finland.
The company believes that the Vr will become ubiquitous on phone due to the mass market.They also think that it will give birth to an entirely new media that this Ozo will be such good that it doesn’t traffic his audience his gamer and owners or Virtual reality consoles but too mobile phone owners.

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According to the report it is going to be launched on November 30.Ozo has been demoing it at slush by Nokia.The Nordic region biggest startup event this month.Visitors were able to capture the content on their devices on VR headsets from a short comedy clip set at a wedding to some video of NASA’s astronaut training centre in Houston preparing to dive on the organisation’s underwater replica of the International Space Station.

Nokia Ozo

Nokia ozo

It make the Ozo hardware and software power it which stitches together the sounds and images from eight cameras.Nokia is also providing tools throughout the value chain from postproduction to consumption Melin said. The aim is to make the system as widely compatible with other platforms as possible, so established media companies and upstart film studios alike can fit it into their existing setups and “produce content on muliple platforms on their own terms”.
It seems that hte company sees that the film captured by the Ozo used in different ways from making news ,sport as well as other things more impressive to generate more eomtional and giving a change to the media not every video scenario is suitable for 3d virtual reality “Because storytelling conventions for VR are at the very early stages, we don’t think full-blown movies or long experiences will be at the forefront of the development. It will be much more about telling the background story, visiting places, having this additionally compelling content,” Melin said.

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In another way you’ll always watch Apocalypse Now just how Francis Ford put it together,but a Ozo might give another perspective view about how the movie was made.
“In the area of digital media, we are very focused on virtual reality but not only on that,” Melin said. “The main thinking in our focus is that we want to be the ‘reality’ part of ‘virtual reality’, capturing the engaging and emotional experience.”
Filmmakers will now able to capture entertainment news and it also be relieved to the common people to capture their important and beautiful moment of life. It will not be the huge stretch of the imagination to visualize a future where wedding videos are filmed in 3D,by Ozo VR could be as commonplace as taking selfies is now — instead of snapping a duckface with a smartphone, we’ll soon be using that same device to capture immersive 3D film?

Nokia ozo

Nokia ozo

“We do see the development that people will record 360 video, maybe even with their mobile phone — if not full 360, then at least wider-angle. That’s going to happen. And people will want to capture the audio scene in 3D — the difference when you have captured the full audio scene is much more engaging,” Melin said.
VR market feels like infancy as maximum big company related to technology is making headsets but they are far from perfect and there is not much in the way of compiling apps for them yet.Analyst has agreed that the VR market in the future will grow and be worth.However the estimates vary from a modset $16bn to $30bn by 2020 (and even up to $150bn if you include augmented reality too.

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The strength of VR is uncertaintly and it appeal in the Short term.As Nokia revelaed this OZo it seems it is now going for more VR camera and has a interest of manufacturing in VR as the Nokia CEO says no return to Handset.The Ozo is accordingly to Nokia’s Technologies original announcement and was announced in a planned portfolio of digital media solutions from the company.







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