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NetbaseQuid – How to Choose the Right Social Media Analytics for Your Business



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NetbaseQuid: How to Choose the Right Social Media Analytics for Your Business

The increased reliance on data to make business decisions has increased the demand for social media analytics tools. Marketing trends are ever-evolving, which forces businesses to flex to keep up. Today, social media has become a great marketing platform because of the many users it attracts. So to make better decisions, companies need to gather and analyze data obtained from these digital platforms.

Social media analytics is the act of collecting data from social channels and analyzing it to measure the success of a strategy, using analytics tools. Having the right tool can help maximize your marketing efforts and optimize your time and resources. However, with many tool varieties in the market, finding the right one can be daunting. We have highlighted crucial factors to consider when picking the right tool for your campaign. Check out these pointers. 

User Experience

As you shop for your analytic tool, the first feature to consider is the user experience. How easy can you navigate through its functionality? You should check its usage and see how easy or difficult it is to find essential functions. Keep in mind that the right tool should offer excellent customer experience to ensure you perform basic tasks as quickly as possible. It should also provide an easy way to post updates, engage with followers, schedule updates, and find analytics and reports. The best way to tell if a tool offers good customer experience is by activating a trial (if provided); alternatively, you can perform a quick online check to see what other users are saying.


Perhaps you already have an estimated budget. Before investing in a social media analytics tool, anticipate how much money and time you intend to spend in the data analysis process. It can be best to assess if the amount you are willing to pay aligns with your expectations in terms of services and needs. You should also consider the return on investment of your tool. Assess how the tool will benefit your company and figure if the benefits are justifiable against the cost. 

Different Functions

It would help if you also considered the ability of the tool to perform different functions. Depending on your goals, the quality of a tool’s functionality is vital. For instance, check on its data coverage – how many languages it can translate and on which media channel it can crawl, how it deals with duplicate and spam, how sufficient it is in sentiment analysis, and others. Being able to provide these different functions can help maximize your return on investment and save the time and money you spend on the data analysis process. 

The Number of Users Allowed

Another way to ensure you get the best out of your tool is by establishing the number of digital platforms your potential customers use often. Keep in mind that some tools are limited in terms of the number of social platforms they support, and so it’s always important to audit social media. So if you’re not keen enough, you may end up using different tools for every task of your process. It could be wise to find an analytic tool that supports many or all your needs. While such tools may seem a bit expensive, they are worth every cent you spend as compared to the time and resources they save.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional social media analytics company like NetbaseQuid to help get the burden off your shoulder.

About NetbaseQuid

NetbaseQuid is a social media analytics firm leading in providing companies with exclusive consumer insight to help improve their decision making processes. They use advanced tools to deliver accurate and real-time information you need to deliver your goals. These insights can also help protect your brand, boost your campaign performance, and improve crisis management to help tackle emerging issues quickly before they harm your brand.

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