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Why you need IoT security in your home



Why you need IoT security in your home

Why you need IoT security in your home?

Why you need IoT security in your home

Why you need IoT security in your home

IoT or Internet of Things is basically an inter-networking of the physical devices, vehicles, smart devices, and other things embedded with software, actuators, sensors, electronics, and network connectivity enabling them to collect and exchange the data. A smart home is a powerful example of IoT where the things are totally automated. Imagine your doors opening with a click of a button, TV and ACs turning off automatically, and every single process being carried automatically without any hassle. So u need a good IOT security in your home.

But with these advantages comes the risk of vulnerabilities. Being connected to the internet, these devices are always at the risk of being invaded by intruders who might try to access your network. If the control of these devices falls in wrong hands, you might get into deep trouble. You definitely need an IoT security solution in your smart home. Here are a few reasons why IoT security is needed in your home.

Network Connectivity always has Risks

Your network is vulnerable to hackers and other intruders lurking outside of it. They are always trying to find a way to peek into your network and take control over your smart devices that are connected to the internet. Therefore, you need to install reliable antivirus software that is capable of providing powerful security to your network. It should be able to block the attacks on your network, and the firewall should prevent intruders from breaching your network.

Network Connectivity always has Risks

Network Connectivity always has Risks

Poor Software Updates

Another good reason why need IoT security for your home is that many developers fail to update the software frequently, making it more vulnerable for the malicious attacks. Even if a new update is released, there are hardly any fixes to the existing vulnerabilities. This is why you need an extra protection against the intruders or viruses that might try to harm your smart device(s) or network security.

Unencrypted Communication

Most of the IoT devices lack basic encryption. This makes them unable to hide the data sent between the central server and the device. The user’s personal information can be exposed if any malicious hacker is snooping on it. Many IoT devices even ask for more permissions than they actually need. This is why you need to come up with an IoT security solution for your home.

Unencrypted Communication

Unencrypted Communication

Insecure User Interface

The user interface of the device is the first thing that a malicious hacker looks at to find any vulnerability. A device that is designed properly should prevent the user from login in too many times. It will indirectly stop brute force attacks that usually target passwords. But if your device is incapable of doing that, you definitely need to secure it against such attacks.

Poor Privacy Protection

Internet-connected devices are data hungry beasts, but a few of them have a bigger appetite than the others. They usually require more personal information, making you vulnerable to cyber attacks. You need to look at what type of data your device stores about you. Next, you need to prevent it from storing any sensitive data by cutting back on its permissions.

IoT Network Activity can be monitored

Hackers can easily monitor the IoT network activity in your house, remotely figuring out your routine habits, including the times when you are not at home, you location, health information, and many other things. If you are not good at addressing the security needs of the IoT devices, then every new device you bring home can steal your information and raid through your privacy.

The Bottom Line

The smart devices you have installed in your home are vulnerable to malicious attacks. You need a good IoT security solution for your home to cope with all the troubles that might arise due to a lack of proper security measures.

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