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Must-Buy Gifts for a Cool Developer in Your Life



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Must-Buy Gifts for a Cool Developer in Your Life

Picking out a present for a developer is quite a challenge. Be it your coworker, friend, or lover: it does not matter. Here are some interesting gift ideas for you to consider.

Adjustable Standing Desk

We all heard, we all know it: sitting behind your office desk does absolutely no good for your physical and mental health. First of all, there is low energy expenditure, which gradually transforms into such chronic problems as obesity, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.

Secondly, there is a compromised posture. The unnecessary strain puts a lot of pressure on lumbar disks, which slide out of their normal positions eventually. Also, the extended tissue compression around the waist leads to severe back problems and spine injuries later.

This is an absolutely horrible way to work, and the developers are the demographic that corresponds most to the sitting at an office work style. However, the recent introduction of the new standing tables has finally started to address the problem of constantly sitting at work.

If you really care about the developer in your life and you are ready to spend the big buck on the present, then definitely buy the adjustable standing desk. It will change the developer’s life in a major way, in addition to relieving them of any chronic illnesses in the future.

Now, there is quite a big possibility that your developer will roll their eyes initially at the gift, but they will sincerely thank you after they start to feel better physically, be more open to other people and experiences, and just be generally happier. These adjustable standing tables are real miracle workers!

Certified Coffee Maker

If you have a cool developer in your life, and you need a less trendy gift than the adjustable desk, then a professional-level small coffee maker may be an excellent present for them. Let us face, they probably love drinking great coffee, but the office coffee makers are usually so bad.

Somehow, the typical office coffee makers turn even the greatest and highest-quality coffee beans into an unbearable brown substance (nobody should call that their daily cup of Joe). So, why let the special developer in your life suffer much longer? There is no need for that.

Simply buy them a high-grade certified coffee maker, and the developer will pronounce you a saint for such an act! No longer will they have to go on coffee breaks with their coworkers with “coffee” that should never be served to anyone.

Who knows, maybe the cup of coffee from the gifted coffee maker was just the inspiration your developer was looking for. A certified coffee maker will provide your developer with plenty of energy to write some amazing code and finish every task within deadlines (a truly impossible feat in the industry).

According to the New York Times, office coffee rituals are very important to office workers. The developer will definitely enjoy these traditions much more with the certified coffee maker.

Leather Laptop Bag

Does the developer in your life prefer to do their work in cafés rather than offices? Well, seems like the developer is a natural-born freelancer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that: many people love to work in a nice and charming café rather than a bland, cold office.

According to Forbes, freelancing is the new black! Everybody is doing it. Nonetheless, the developer definitely needs some gear to keep their laptop safe. Buy them an exquisite leather laptop bag, and make their freelancing outings extremely high class and dapper.

Home Workout Set

Standing the whole working day will help alleviate some physical health problems related to sitting all of the time; however, an adjustable standing table will not be able to achieve much in terms of keeping fit. An inactive life will lead to some serious illnesses too.

Our bodies evolved to be constantly active and in motion. Obviously, the typical lifestyle of a developer does not meet any requirements regarding physical activity. So, a home workout set will be a perfect gift that does not break the bank for the special developer in your life.

Why not a gym membership? They are much more expensive than a home workout set plus who really wants to go to the gym after a long day at work? It is much easier and much more convenient to basically have a gym of your own at your house!

The home workout set will provide the developer in your life with an intense whole-body workout routine. This gift especially suits the developers if they are more of the asocial type. According to the BBC, working out at home allows you to fully immerse in the process and not get interrupted.

If the idea of gifting a fitness present to the developer in your life has piqued your interest, but you think the home workout set is not the right gift for them. Then you should check out other fitness gifts. According to GiftWits, here are the main fitness gifts you can get for the developer in your life.

Kool8 Water Bottle

Another budget idea for a gift is the Kool8 water bottle. Keeping hydrated throughout the day is incredibly important to the efficacy of our brain and the over productivity that we put out at work.

Developers are basically problem solvers: some software task or problem is given to them, and they need to come up with an appropriate solution, as well as realize and implement it. This is quite a heavy load task: it requires a lot of thinking and creativity.

According to, no one can keep up the same level of creative output without being appropriately hydrated. Not enough water will make you drowsy and tardy. The Kool8 water bottle is a perfect solution to this problem. It is stylish, insulated, and light: everything you need from a water bottle.

The Purpose of the Gifts

Yes, it is quite hard to pick out a gift for the developer in your life. Although a lot of software developers share the same kind of quirks and idiosyncrasies, there is no perfect universal gift that would suit every developer ever.

The list above is a pretty neutral bundle of nice and agreeable gifts that will get the job done. They are not the most personalized gifts ever, but they will put the smile on the face of your developer, and that is the most important part.

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