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Motioninjoy DS3 Tool Download Windows 10




Motioninjoy DS3 Tool Download Windows 10



All PlayStation fans are quite familiar with DS3 tool. It is a controller adapter driver for Playstation. It is a tool which helps to connect the DualShock3 or Sixaxis PlayStation controllers to your Microsoft Windows PC. This application seamlessly allows up to 4 controllers to connect through Bluetooth or USB.  Gamers just need a USB cable and PS 3 controller to enjoy the best gaming experience on Windows 10 computers with the help of MotionJoy DS3 Tool. A good DS3 tool allows the gamers to play the games comfortably on Windows PC. Motionjoy DS3 Tool is undoubtedly one of the best DS3 tools that are available for free online.Motionjoy DS3 Tool is absolutely simple to set up on your Windows computer. First, you need to start the DS3 tool and then plug the controller into the computer. Now your PC pairs with DS3 Tool. Open the application and click on Enable to activate the Tool. To test the connection you need to click on the Vibrate button. If your gamepad vibrates after the click it means that the connection between the Gamepad and PC is properly established.Now you can play games with PS3 Controller On PC just with the help of USB cable and Motionjoy DS3 tool on your PC.

Now, let us see how to download and install Motionjoy DS3 tool on your Windows 10 computer.

  • First, you need to check your computer to see if there are any DS3 tools already installed. Download Motionjoy DS3 tool from the official website here.
  • Extract the compressed file and click on .exe file to install the application on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Complete the installation process according to the instruction in the setup window.
  • Now, Motionjoy DS3 tool is successfully installed on your Windows computer

MotionJoy DS3 tool to enjoy the PS3 gaming experience on Windows 10 PC in the best way possible. There are many pros for using this DS3 tool. First of all, it is free and easy to set up.  It is very rare to find a good working application for free nowadays. But the Motionjoy DS3 tool is free of cost and serves the purpose efficiently. It just takes under 5 minutes to install this DS3 tool on your computer. No special technical knowledge is required. The instructions above are just sufficient to kick-start PS3 games on your Windows PC. Don’t worry if you do not have USB cable handy with you. Motionjoy DS3 tool also works with Bluetooth. MotionJoy offers regular updates to fix the bugs and security issues. The size of the software is just under 4 MB.  Though the MotionJoy DS3 tool is available for free, some of its users are annoyed because of some banner ads in the application. This one of the major cons of using this DS3 tool. The user interface seems to be little outdated. Hope MotionJoy team updates the user interface in their next version.

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There are a good number of DS3 tools available online but DS3 controller tool from Motionjoy is preferred by many PlayStation gamers because of its simple interface and a hassle-free process to set up on the windows PC. Though there are banner ads and a couple of interface issues, Motionjoy DS3 tool is the best in the market as it runs smoothly and allows the gamers to use PlayStation controllers with PC effortlessly. In case if you are facing the problems with connecting the MotionJoy DS3 tool, check the step by step tutorial above. Uninstall and install the application again.Sometimes MotionJoy deactivates its Ds3 tool. For some reasons, if the Motionjoy DS3 tool is not working for you then you need to look for the alternatives. There are a couple of Motionjoy alternatives which are as good enough to do the job if Motionjoy is not working for you. Modio, ScpToolkit, Better DS3, Sixaxis controller are some of the other programs which work as a controller drivers for Microsoft Windows. Though there are a couple alternatives prefer MotionJoy Tools because there are many active communities on the internet which are offering support for issues. Dual Shock 3 Controllers from Motionjoy is a must have application for all PS 3 lovers. Check the official website of MotionJoy if you have any questions.








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