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5 Things Every Developer Should Know About Marketing



Developer Should Know, Marketing

Marketing refers to any activity done by a company or individuals to promote the selling or buying of a product or service. It includes activities such as advertising, selling, or delivering goods or services to consumers.

Developed institutions have affiliates who market goods or services on behalf of the company. The professionals work towards gaining the attention of key audiences, and they may apply promotions, celebrity endorsements, as well as media advertisements to achieve this goal. That said, the basis of marketing is providing a match between the company’s goods or services and customers who want access to the products, an act that’s profitable to the organization.

What Developers Should Have in Mind When It Comes to Marketing

The digital industry is ever-changing and equally big for beginners to navigate with ease. All in all, in spite of the challenges, you should always be focused on achieving your goal, which we all believe is to be successful.

Fortunately, below are some basics that developers need to know concerning marketing. But besides understanding marketing needs, you should possess excellent communication, time management skills, among others, as seen on Forbes.

Choosing the Right Marketing Medium Requires a Lot of Research

Depending on the services you are dealing with, different marketing plans will produce varying results. Therefore, you need to conduct ideal research and see the most effective means of marketing your product.

Research can be done through conducting interviews, observations, field trials, as well as analysis of existing data. If there is no existing data, you will be required to research on your own.

Luckily enough, the blog covers video advertisement as the best marketing form, given its many benefits, including raising your Google rank, as seen on  

Video Advertisements Work Ideally for Your Services

Video adverts are taking the internet by storm, and the best thing is that they aren’t stopping soon. According to Mar Tech, almost 80% of customers buy products after viewing a detailed video of the item in use.

An ideal video also has the potential to hold your customers’ attention for at least two minutes, which highly describes the efficiency of the means. Additionally, perfectly-made videos have a chance to boost your Google ranking by almost 50.

The main reason behind the success or efficiency of video adverts is their engaging nature. By seeing your face or the face of your business affiliate, customers are likely to trust your brand. Here, they are able to have a better of the item you are selling.

The good news is that developers don’t need to know every bit concerning video production to succeed in the vice. Being familiar with only a few tricks, such as how to create an intro video on your computer, might be enough.

Finally, to those with video production skills, you are assured that your talents will never go into waste as video advertising is here to stay. That said, there are also editing tools where you can learn these tricks, such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X.

Strong Brands Are Rewards, Not Goals

Strong brands are simply what you get for doing everything right. They are hard to build and shift except in negative directions. The process involved is laborious, and it requires a lot of communication and advertisement to achieve.

Additionally, the process requires being true to your descriptions and delivering on the product promise. However, when these brands are made, you cannot easily change the consumer’s perspective of the brand with ease.

This is what makes many fail in their bid to reposition already established brands. For instance, when people are convinced that a particular airline offers optimal safety, it is hard to change their minds and make them believe that the airline is about luxury.

Marketing Requires Great Persuasive Skills

This acts as a counter since the world we are living in is ever-changing. Marketing mediums are changing and, therefore, you need to be flexible to adapt to these transitions with ease. Besides that, the business needs new and fresh strategies, and these can only be achieved through innovativeness. If you’re wanting to try and improve and evolve your marketing mediums, then you might wish to try a professional marketing agency with valuable experience such as this marketing brand in the hubspot marketing pro onboarding industry that can aid your business’s marketing efforts.

It is at this point that you must convince them that your services will solve their issue in the best way possible. However, remember to deliver on your product as you don’t want to cause the customer regrets in the future. Conclusively, be open with the product’s pros and cons and be ready to share with them the terms that you are offering.

Marketing Requires a Creative Mind

This acts as a counter since the world we are living in is ever-changing. Marketing mediums are changing and, therefore, you need to be flexible to adapt to these transitions with ease. Besides that, the business needs new and fresh strategies, and these can only be achieved through innovativeness.

The main challenge to creative thinking, at the moment, is the internet, as everything is at your disposal whenever you need it. However, you need to put this aside and learn to stick to your problems until you solve them.

Be in a good position to ask questions, get answers from professionals, listen, see, and think. Learn about your audience or potential customers and come up with solutions that are likely to amaze them.


Marketing requires people who can easily adapt to change, and those who are ready to learn new tricks in case the old ones become less effective. It also requires creative people to ensure there are consistent improvements and innovations to grab the customers’ attention.

Finally, being familiar with the recent trends in marketing is likely to do you so much favor. For instance, as per Digital Authority Partners, SEO helps make your firm, service, or product noticeable on search. This is vital for close to 93% of online activity comes from a search engine, which, in most cases, is Google.

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