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Looking for Breezyhr alternative? Try Freshteam- The best Breezyhr alternative



In today’s digital HR environment, Breezyhr is a complete end to end recruiting software that helps recruiters in hiring highly efficient employees without putting any extra effort. It is a very useful recruiter software which enables the HR department to view candidates profiles, efficiently sort out the streamline candidates, effectively communicate and schedule interviews with the shortlisted candidates. This modern tool makes the work of recruiters easy and assists them in making the correct decisions.

Breezy HR isn’t the Best Recruiting Software

Apart from possessing so many great features, this HR software still isn’t fully competent to handle the modern recruiting requirements. Once companies overlooked the easy to use and intuitive features of this software, then they found that it indeed contains some cons which can’t be fully ignored such as –

  • The customer service of Breezy HR is extremely low.
  • Its mobile app isn’t efficient and does not have full functionality.
  • It doesn’t come with the inbuilt job description templates.
  • The sources can not be shared socially.
  • This software doesn’t make offers.

The Best Breezyhr Alternative – Freshteam

To overcome the limitations of Breezyhr, software with the power of applicant tracking systems and recruitment apps with user-friendly is required. These features can be easily observed in Freshteam. It is a simple yet intuitive platform that enables companies to hire experienced managers, freelancers and other top-notch professionals in the industry. This software can be easily used as a Breezyhr alternative because its feature list includes both applicant tracking and recruitment management features.

Freshteam serves a platter of tools that allows recruiters to communicate with applications without leaving the platform. The users who are looking for a secured and uniformed alternative solution for breezy HR should definitely adopt Freshteam.

Reasons to Try Freshteam

Freshteam has the ability to transform the recruitment process of companies and make it even more effective. This platform is loaded with several unique applicant tracking and recruitment CRM features which helps the HR department in retaining talented and skilled employees. Freshteam can offer multiple reasons to try it today.

  1. Single Operational Dashboard

HR managers can effortlessly control and monitor all of the hirings and recruiting operations from the single dashboard. Users can easily handle all their responsibilities from the single dashboard and save their lots of time. The dashboard can be customized by companies according to their HR policies and compress all the information of candidates under the same platform such as resumes, emails, feedback, etc.,

  1. Quick Job Posting

Freshteam is designed in a way that companies can quickly describe job requirements and share them on the different internal and external job sites. To create informative and compelling job posts, a recruiter can use attractive templates or can create a new listing with detailed descriptions. The job vacancies can be further associated with hiring teams to bring transparency in the hiring process. The hiring workflow can be personalized with this tool whereas Breezyhr won’t offer this feature.

  1. Efficient Hiring System

This HR software is best known for its beautiful and compelling way of job advertising. The jobs can be easily advertised on mobile-friendly career sites which can be further used to share positions on popular social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Moreover, Freshteam also allows recruiters to track the candidates with the use of a career inbox as it will automatically convert every email that you receive into an active application. These tools also give the opportunity to make a recruitment system efficient by managing employee referrals, embed job listing on your website, custom track links and help in creating job-specific email addresses.

  1. Efficient Selection of Candidates

HR people are rapidly using Freshteam software because it let them select the best candidates without even looking into their detailed information. That’s because information received by the recruiter is automatically parsed and populated into the candidate’s profile. All the important information of candidates like their email address, interview scored, feedback, extra notes, and other vital information is compressed into the database for further use.

This way it is fully insured that no application will go unnoticed. Plus, this hybrid system lets companies involve as many users as they want in the decision-making process and share their input before selecting the best candidate for the job.


With Freshteam software, user can easily access and engage with the candidates and can even quickly collect the feedback. Recruiters can sync their personal inbox and correspond with the candidates right from the single dashboard of Freshteam.

So, after studying the limitations of Breezyhr system and features of Freshteam software, there’s no doubt that Freshteam can easily overpower its limitations. There won’t be any wrong in saying that Freshteam is the best available Breezyhr alternative in the market that can bring efficiency in the recruitment process.

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