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Kidgy Parental Control App



Kidgy Parental Control App

Kidgy Parental Control App

Kidgy Parental Control App - Kidgy app

Kidgy Parental Control App – Kidgy app

We live in an Smartphone Era where almost everyone uses Smartphones for Various Purposes despite of their Age and Gender. The time has changed and today Childrens are addicted to Smartphones more than the Outdoor Games. We cannot deny the fact that these Smartphones can help these Childrens in many things, but still we cannot guarantee that they cannot misuse this great Technology.

Kids are innocent and trust in anything that is being told by someone to them. These days kids use Social Media Networks to communicate with each other, but you never know as they might be chatting with someone who is totally fake. So the Parents need to be aware, Right? Otherwise it may create a big trouble.

So some Great App developers worked on this idea and Created an Awesome App known as to understand and manage their kids digital life. Kidgy is designed to let Parents protect their child from online predators, cyber crimes, cyber bullying and other risks that are present on the Social Network these days. Kidgy is available globally and let you control and manage all your Child tasks and Activities.

Well, much about the App, Here are some of the Useful Features that Kidgy comes with.

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Kidgy Features

Kidgy comes with many features, some of these are as follows:

  • GPS Tracker
    This feature allows you to track the Location of your Child while they are online which can be helpful in case you are having any doubt or they are in any trouble.
  • Geo-Fences
    The App lets you create some Geo-Fences around certain areas like Home and Schools, this will allow you to take a look at the timings when your child entered and exit from these areas.
  • Monitoring and Blocking
    You can take a look at the Apps that your Child uses and can block them from using Certain App, which is again a great feature to keep your child safe and secure from obsolete stuff.
  • Keep Track of Internet Activities
    The App lets you track the Internet Usage of your child with the help of this App, you can actually look the browsing history to make sure that they don’t watch something that they should not, you can also block them to browse certain Websites which is one of the Best Feature of this Amazing App, Kidgy.
  • Creating a Task List
    You can create a task list that your child can view and it will remind them, about Certain Tasks that they need to complete. You can watch over the Completion of the tasks from the App itself which is very convenient.

Kidgy Download

To download Kidgy or Kidgy Apk click on the below  ” Download Kidgy ” text to download the Kidgy app

Download Kidgy

At the time of Downloading it will be showing Malicious file just avoid the warning click on Yes button and Download the apk file.

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Kidgy is overall a Great App that let you watch over your Child tasks and to make sure they are on the right path. Kidgy is available for both Android and iOS Devices, you can download Kidgy for free on Android Devices from here and for iOS Devices from here. If you are a parent, then we would definitely recommend you to try this App out, let us know what you think about Kidgy in the Comments Section down below.

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