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iSkysoft to Recover the Lost and Hidden Files from External Hard Drives



iSkysoft data recovery software, iSkysoft toolbox

Losing the data or files from PC and external hard drives is actually such a common problem that anybody can just experience it. But sure, it is indeed really puzzling and annoying mainly if the lost files are really important. You should not worry actually. There is iSkysoft data recovery software, a kind of software that is functioned to recover and repair the lost, hidden, and damaged files.

The software has been famous for years as it is indeed effective in appearing the data from computer. However, can it be used for the files from other devices like the external hard drives, flash disk, and memory cards of the Smartphone and digital camera? Sure, here are some steps to follow to bring back the data from the external hard drives using iSkysoft data recovery.

Prepare All the Devices

Technically, the steps to recover data from computer and any storage device are just similar. But sure, in recovering the data from the external hard drives, there are more things to prepare. Aside from the related devices, you still need the PC since the software indeed works only in such a gadget.

Make sure to download the iSkysoft toolbox from the official website of the product. Then, install it by clicking the Next buttons available in the window after it has been launched. So that the software can work properly for any type of files and devices, you must download the newest-upgraded ones.

Plug in the External Hard Drives

No matter what it is, the external hard drive must be plugged in and connected well to the PC that has iSkysoft data recovery software. This way, the data recovery software can simply detect the presence of the hard drive. Well, it is commonly not a big deal if the hard drive is directly plugged into the PC. For the memory card that needs the data cable, sometimes, it is just not connected well.

Launch the Software

After you are sure that all of the devices have been connected properly, it is the time to start the recovery process. First of all, you must launch the software. Some options are shown in the first window of the data recovery software. It is related to the type of data loss or the way you previously lost your important data.

Next, choose the type or format of the files that have been lost or deleted. Some options are available including the photo, audio, video, document, and the others. If you think the data you are looking for cannot be classified into one of them, choose the last option; All File Types. In fact, there are many uncommon formats of files to save on the computer. By using this option, it means that you are still possible to have them back when they are lost.

After choosing the type of files along with clicking the Next button, the next window is about the location you lost your data previously. When the external hard drives have been connected well to the computer, the name of the file can be automatically appeared in the window of iSkysoft data recovery software. Sure, the next step is just clicking the name of the hard drive to let it work.

Similar to finding out the files in the internal hard drives, the software scans the disk to find the lost files. Interestingly, even if you are forgotten in what disk you saved the files, you can still look for it. But sure the process may take a longer time. There are only some minutes needed to have the files back.

Some similar files are probably figured out along with the intended ones. That’s why; iSkysoft data recovery also provides the Preview feature to enable you to see the content of the file. If this is indeed the one that you are looking for, you can directly save it. Don’t forget to provide the backups to avoid them losing again from your external hard drives later.

Summary: iSkysoft is the name of software to recover data from computer and any storage device. It is to recover and repair all files formats. Additionally, the software is compatible with any type of internal and external hard drives including flash disk and memory card from Smartphone and digital camera.

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