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Do Instagram Automation Tools Favour Your Business Promotion?



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Do Instagram Automation Tools Favour Your Business Promotion?

Marketing automation is a relatively recent trend. Not many marketers use this concept while doing the business. As the cost of labor is getting higher, the need for automatization is getting more urgent. That’s a logical result. Instagram is not an exception.

The business that has no Instagram account fails to use the opportunity to enrich its customer base, engage the audience and make your brand’s name. The business that does not use Instagram automation tools fails to use the opportunity to improve the targeting, free the time and save cash.

Let’s discover how Instagram automation can drive your business promotion!

  • Enlarging the customer database

You can extend your database manually, it’s out of questions. But using tools for automation of all processes, you can achieve better results and much faster. How? Through the activity, of course. But there is one crucial point: all your account activity must be accurately targeted. Automation tools enable that. Thanks to them you can set the right targeting campaign by tags, usernames or location. More advanced tools offer to target by gender and language and so on.

  • The first option you should use is auto-following. Following your TA is one of the principle actions every business (average account too) must do to increase the visibility and appearance of the account in people’s recommendations. Thus, you draw extra attention and get new followers and new buyers.
  • The second option – auto-liking. It works according to a similar principle. Your acc likes others and they in their turn like and follow yours. The more attention you attract, the more consumers get. The maths is simple.
  • More personal communication

A pipe business model is not relevant anymore. Platform business model presupposes creating bidirectional communication between 2 parties: manufacturer and client. That adds some value to your business. That’s why it’s imperative that you interact with your TA not only through likes but through DMs. Automatization of the process of sending Instagram DM online can help you to set a new communication channel.

You can write a welcoming message to new followers, the heat turning up message with a special offer for those who are staying with you for a couple of months. Automation tool will send it to all the users from your TA. Thus, you motivate your followers to become your customers and maintain their loyalty.

  • Increasing of Engagement rate

That’s buzz topic of all marketers. And not without good reason. The engagement rate of your audience speaks volume. It’s closely connected with the previous point. The ER shows the efficacy of your content and communication on the acc. You can improve it by means of auto-commenting option or by simply buying instagram comments from BuzzVoice. As you know that people are pleased when someone comments on their photos. They are always thankful, that’s why they want to give back as good as they get.

Frankly speaking, all the mentioned above functions are able to increase the ER to a certain extent, but comments are the best option for that.


  • Account management

Communication is excellent, but Instagram’s prime goal was to share visual content. That’s why you should think both about the quality of this content and about the regular posting and about the time to post on Instagram as well. I bet there is no need to speak about the quality, it’s a must-have. The less obvious but not less important thing is the periodicity of your content appearing on IG. People love frequency.

When they press “follow” they expect to see your content if I say every day I won’t lie. That’s why be rather worried to answer the call. Using automation tools for planning and scheduling your post will help you not only to see the broad picture of your content but to fix the time of posting. This way, you save your time for other more critical issues. Moreover, if you keep in mind the best time to publish on IG, you will make use of the tool twice as large.

  • Accurate analysis

No successful promotion can do without continuing observation, tracking statistics and analyses. Instagram Insights, of course, can give you some info, but more detailed reports can be made up only thanks to automation services. Following and liking per day – trace the effectivity of your content. Activity and loyalty – the level of your interaction with the audience.

All the info is available at any time for you to improve the strategy if needed or to upgrade it somehow.

So what the reasoning?

Using automation tools for your marketing on Instagram is not obligatory but helps your business to grow fast, without sacrifices and financial losses. If you do not believe, check it by yourself. Do a little research, find a tool that would meet all your demands and take a trial. Success be to your efforts!

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