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Introduction To Iamhere – A Hyperlocal Social Network App



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Introduction To Iamhere – A Hyperlocal Social Network App

Of late, the app Iamhere has created a lot of buzzes. An app that familiarizes us with our neighborhood deserves the accolades. Social networks have become an integral part of our lives. But, so far, we did not have access to any such unified digital platform that helps us to know our neighborhood better. Iamhere aims to bring everyone in the community under one platform, and so far, it has been a grand success. Imagine specific scenarios, where you are new to a city, and you are at sea looking for partners with whom you can hang out. Likewise, if you are a creative person, you do not know where to look for someone who ignites your creativity. There can be such countless case scenarios. Iamhere app seems to be the answer to all the above situations.

Iamhere is different from other social network platforms. It is rightfully referred to as the hyperlocal app, as it helps you connect with your neighbors who share the same interest as you. According to stats, we spend more than 70% of our lives at our home and the neighborhood. So, it pays to know as much as you can about your surroundings. Without a doubt, Iamhere is the best alternative for you. It is designed to meet the requirements of individuals who are in pursuit of locations and people within their neighborhood.

It barely takes a few minutes to access and create a profile on the app. Iamhere is highly location sensitive, so you can search for the people who have the same interest and hobbies in your neighborhood. You can conveniently connect via chats or viewing stories. When you install the app, you can search for like-minded people from the map. Iamhere ensures complete protection of your details. It will never reveal your contact number or address to anyone else unless you intend to do so. The best thing, you can access the app for free.

You have the liberty of performing a plethora of functions using the app. Iamhere app lets you search for people, professionals, businesses, and NGOs near you. Whenever you feel, you can chat with your neighbors with privacy and anonymity. Neighbors share their stories and put up their current updates, which you can easily view. Whenever necessary, you can ask questions and join events of your interest. If you love to contribute towards social campaigns, you will get all the information at your fingertips via this app. Lastly, the app will also let you see the local business promotions and offers. So, be sure, you will never miss the best deal happening around.

Iamhere has been a great help for small scale business owners, and the NGOs. Businesspeople are now finding it convenient to get potential customers with the help of this app. Similarly, NGOs are now sharing their upcoming events and reaching out to interested people. The app allows people who are interested in making donations or in working as a volunteer.

The app and its features sound appealing, isn’t it? Try and explore the app today; you will love the experience.

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